The Best Food For Dogs With A Sensitive Stomach

Dog With Tummy Trouble – Foods That Help With Gas and Diarrhea In Canines

Figuring out that your dog has a sensitive stomach is one of the most frustrating processes. Their stomachs are always upset and their intestines are in disarray. Not only is their diarrhea and gas unbearable, but you can probably tell that they are in actual discomfort.

Once you have determined that your dog is dealing with a sensitive stomach, you have to start the arduous process of determining what is triggering the reaction, and what you need to feed them to not cause future upsets. Some of the most common causes of upsets are Gluten, Soy and Corn.

Not to mention, anytime you switch a food, you throw their already sensitive system even further out of whack.  Let me just suggest that you make any change in food very, very slowly, and mix the two brands of food together to slowly transition their stomach from one type to the next.

In addition, depending on your dog’s sensitivity, it may take a few weeks on the new food before it clears them up.

The nice thing is that there are several dog foods that are designed specifically for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

Keep A Food Journal

It is helpful to catalog what is helping — and what is making the condition worse.  Our minds have a hard time remembering everything, and chronicling what is happening can help you capture important details you might otherwise miss.

Why I Don’t Recommend Science Diet

Science diet makes it a habit of marketing their foods to the local veterinarians.  So when your doctor says that your dog needs a “special diet” they have a super-expensive one sitting on their shelf to sell you.

Science Diet has a lot of “fillers” in their food.  Stuff like corn and potatoes.  These ingredients do your dog very little good, and are an easy way for companies to inflate the calorie count of their food.

While your dog may have seen improvement on Science Diet, on this page I highlight 3 foods that have a history of providing the same results for less cost and with better-quality ingredients.

#1 Dog Food For Sensitive Stomachs – Blue Buffalo Basics

blue buffalo basicsThose of you who read my blog know that I try not to be ridiculous about my dog food recommendations.  There are some crazily expensive dog foods out there, and, for the most part, it makes no sense to go “over the top” in your food choices.

So I typically wouldn’t suggest a food like this — except that it is such a good choice for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

To begin with, this is a “limited ingredient” product.  That means it has one meat and one carbohydrate.  So you get turkey and potato.  Simple.  If your dog still has an upset stomach after trying a bag of this, than you might be able to guess that they are allergic to one of those two ingredients.

Blue Buffalo Basics consistently gets some of the best reviews by dog owners who are combating chronic digestive problems in comparison to the other foods out there.

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 Pick # 2 – Wellness Simple Series

wellness naturals dog food simple hypoallergenicWellness’ Simple actually tends to  gets a higher rating than Blue Buffalo’s Basic series on Amazon’s star system.  Of course, that fluctuates, but it helps demonstrate the quality of this food.

What I like about the Wellness system is that they have a wide variety of foods to choose from.  So you might opt for “Salmon and Potato” formula.  If that doesn’t work, you can try their “Duck and Oatmeal”. So you can experiment and determine exactly what ingredient it is that is triggering your dog’s reaction.

Plus, it is only half the price of the Blue Buffalo.

There are some dogs that need something more aggressive than the Wellness formula offers.  For those dogs I will recommend the Blue Buffalo.  But you might start with the Wellness Simple series and see if you can make some progress.

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#3 Choice – Canidae Salmon Meal

canidae dog food sensitive formulaCanidae is often overlooked by dog owners because it doesn’t cater to the modern catch phrases like “limited ingredient”.

That said, it offers a one-of-a-kind formula that is super high in protein while maintaining a healthy balance of veggies and grain free carbohydrates.

What I really like about Canidae is that it includes a healthy amount of fermented foods and normal bacteria.  This helps replenish your dog’s gut with all of the natural flora it needs.  In some cases, a steady supply of flora can actually help rebuild your dog’s digestion and help them overcome their sensitives.

One of the best dog foods on the market, and ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs — just read the reviews!

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 The Best Dog Food For Puppies With Sensitive Stomachs

nutro maxBecause of their under-developed digestive systems,  most puppies struggle with food sensitivity issues. And yet there are very few high-quality dog foods that have actually been designed to nourish a puppy while catering to their sensitive stomachs.

All too often you are forced to switch your puppy to an adult dog food — and then they do not get the essential fatty acids they need for optimal brain development.

So when it comes to finding a puppy food that is designed specifically for their stomachs I will recommend that you try the Nutro  MAX® .  This formula is available for both adult dogs and puppies, and is designed to specifically soothe an upset stomach while meeting all of their nutritional requirements.

Not only does it meet all of their nutritional requirements, but it uses super-nutritious ingredients such as free-range chicken.  It also has plenty of DHA to ensure healthy brain development.

With Nutro  MAX® you can rest assured that your puppy is getting the nutrition it needs while simultaneously helping to calm its sensitive stomach.

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