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Hypoallerginic Dog Foods For Your Pet’s Diet Restrictions


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If your dog is suffering from food allergies, a simple diet of limited ingredients might just be the answer.

In order to save money and compete in an extremely competitive market, dog food manufacturers tend to add a lot of extra fillers, vitamins and extra fortification.

The added fillers help them save money, while the vitamins and “fortification” makes for good marketing.

In the middle of this marketing battle, is your dog’s poor digestive system.  Lacking the oversight of human food by the FDA, he leftover pieces that end up in dog food creates its own war on your dog, daily challenging its system to do its best at digesting what ever has been included in their meal.

Limited Ingredient Food Gives Your Dog’s Digestive System A Break

Sometimes what your dog’s digestive system needs is a break.  By switching to a basic dog food with a simple formula, you can give their stomach a rest from digesting too many weird things.

Most limited ingredient dog food only contains one protein and one carbohydrate.

In addition to being soy and dairy free, limited ingredient dog food often uses unique meats such as buffalo or rabbit which gives your dog something different to digest and it may help circumvent meat allergies.

Even better, they typically use a complex carbohydrate in place of the grain that most dog food uses as fillers. This provides a more balanced energy source with higher soluble fiber to ensure adequate, natural digestion.

In addition, by honing in on one or 2 food sources at a time, this allows you to use the process of elimination to determine which ingredients are affecting your dog the worst.  For example, you can switch to a food with no chicken. Does your dog get better? Maybe chicken was the problem. Now, you can switch back and watch for symptoms to return. If they do, you know to leave chicken out of their diet permanently.

What Are The Best Limited Ingredient Dog Foods For Allergies?

Top Pick: Nature’s Variety Limited Ingredient

Nature’s Variety is really leading the way when it comes to limited ingredient diets.  They focused on providing just one protein and one carbohydrate in their food to cater to those sensitive stomachs.

They also raise the bar on which ingredients they leave out.  There is no chicken, beef, fish, eggs, dairy, grain or gluten in their formulas.

Probably the neatest thing is that they also freeze dried a special coating on the outside of the kibbles make it even more tasty to your pet.

When it comes to catering to dogs with a sensitive stomach, Nature’s Variety really sets the bar quite high.

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Pick #2 – Blue Buffalo Basics

blue buffalo basicsBlue Buffalo consistently ranks among the top dog foods that we review.  Their basics is no different.

You’ll notice that they always include more meat in their ingredients than “other stuff”.  For their limited ingredient series they offer it in two meats that your dog doesn’t typically get: Turkey or salmon.

Now, my favorite is the salmon.  So often dogs with sensitivities struggle with skin allergies.  Salmon is high in omega-three fatty acids which help their skin conditions.

Downside with Blue Buffalo is that they can to contain a lot of carbohydrates.  So you will see oatmeal, rice, and pea starch all listed as carbohydrates in this formula (they also have a basics series with potato).

Since they skirt the major allergens such as soy and wheat, I still believe that  Blue Buffalo is one of the best you can look at.

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Pick #3 – Nutro Natural Choice

nutro natural choice limited ingredeint dietDog owners whose dogs have since this time it’s often find Nutro’s Natural Choice to be a great option to go with.

While natural choice is not often marketed as the limited ingredient product, it does contain the very limited ingredients.  In most cases you’re going to be getting something such as venison (deer meat) and brown rice.

It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

The best part with Nutro is that so many dogs with allergies have had excellent results.

In addition Nutro costs only gets some of the highest ratings in the industry.

They have some of the simplest advertising, and are often overlooked.

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The Best Cheap Limited Ingredient Dog Food

natural balance venison and sweet potatoIf your dog is struggling with their diet, but you’re worried about being able to afford a special diet, you might want to consider Natural Balance’s limited ingredient dog foods.

There’s a few things I dislike about natural balance, the primary one being that they include more potato in their formula then they do meat.

That said, their dog food will definitely meet your dog’s nutritional requirements.  And, it is an excellent way to provide a limited ingredient diet on budget.

The neatest thing about Natural Balance is that they have the widest array of limited ingredient options to choose from of any of the dog foods on the market.

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