5 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods in 2020

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods For Allergies

Does Your Dog Have a Food Intolerance or Allergy?

A food allergy is where the dog’s body recognizes food as a foreign invader and attacks it instead of processing the food.

Symptoms include itchy and dry skin, nausea and vomiting, as well as gastrointestinal distress.

Some of the most common allergens for dogs are chicken, wheat, eggs, corn and soy.

There are other foods that dogs may become allergic to, and tests from your veterinarian can help you identify exactly what your dog is reacting to.

Common Allergens

From BMC Veterinary Research

Allergen Percentage of Dogs With Reaction
Beef 34%
Dairy Products 17%
Chicken 15%
Wheat 13%
Soy 6%
Lamb 5%
Corn 4%
Egg 4%
Pork 2%
Fish 2%
Rice 2%

Will Hypoallergenic Food Help?

A hypoallergenic diet is essentially a restricted diet – where potentially inflammatory foods are eliminated from the diet.

It can be very challenging determining which foods are causing a reaction. However research shows that persevering with trialing different foods can help your dog.

Provide your dog with foods that have a limited number of ingredients. If your dog continues to have a reaction, this can rapidly narrow the offending foods to a short list.

Some dog food companies provide novel foods ( ingredients that your dog has not tried before). These can be great alternatives for dogs allergic to common ingredients such as chicken and corn.

In addition, your veterinarian can run tests, to help you more rapidly to determine the cause of your dog’s distress.

Food Intolerance vs Food Allergy

Is a subtle distinction, but a food intolerance does not require an immune response. Basically your dog has difficulty digesting a certain food.

Hypo-allergenic foods can work well in either situation.

What Are The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods?

For many dogs, allergies are manifested by skin discomfort. For some dogs, are food high in seafood ingredients, can improve their condition (increased omega-3’s).

1. Holistic Select

Includes digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to help clear unhealthy waste buildup, and digestive disorders. There are both grain (for a high-fiber diet) and grain-free options.

Holistic Select offers options such as chicken, seafood, duck and lamb meats.

While dog food is not meant as a cure, many users have said their dog’s health issues have significantly improved or corrected themselves while on food.

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2. Wellness CORE Natural

Have gluten-free to grain-free and versions with novelty meats. Give your dog 2-week trials on different formulations to pinpoint any issues.

Wellness consistently receives rave reviews from dog owners. Also suggest checking out the whitefish, herring, and salmon formula.

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3. Orijen

Orijen is a premium food with no fillers, and ingredients like whole eggs, and high-quality digestible fruits and vegetables.

Because the food is intensely packed with whole foods, most folks find their dogs need to eat less. They process the food better – leaving behind much smaller poops!

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4. Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein

For dogs allergic to certain meats, it can be very expensive locating a protein source that works for them. Even raw meat may be too difficult for some dogs to digest with having a reaction.

Hydrolyzing is a process used to create pre-digested food. Because the foods are partially broken down, the dog’s immune system doesn’t react, but still gets the nutritional value.

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5. Addiction Wild Kangaroo & Apple

If you want something completely novel, this New Zealand made dog food is the one.

Few dogs have had Kangaroo meat, thus minimizing chance of sensitivity.

The apple pectin is a neat concept helping coat the dog’s stomach, preventing diarrhea by slowing the rate of digestion and allowing the dog’s body time to absorb the water from food.

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So What Do I use?

This little guy is our Australian Labradoodle. His name is Griffin. He (unfortunately) has lots of digestive issues, and eats the Royal Canin Gastrointestinal (unfortunately its really expensive).

He didn’t do well on ‘normal’ dog foods, but this is what’s worked for him! We buy it in the biggest bag possible and it lasts many months.

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