How Much Maintenance Does The GSD Coat Require?

How Much Maintenance Does The GSD Coat Require?

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The German Shepherd coat is comprised of two basic sections – the outer coat and the undercoat. The outer coat is dense, coarse and straight and lies close to the body while the undercoat is thicker and softer than the top coat. German Shepherd coats come in three different varieties: the plush coat, the long-haired coat, and double coat.

German Shepherd coats also come in four lengths: short with an undercoat, medium with an undercoat, long with an undercoat and long without an undercoat.

The German Shepherd breed is considered to be very heavy shedders. They will shed bits consistently year round and then have two heavier shedding seasons each year.

Some owners like to joke that German Shepherds shed once a year…for 365 days. In addition to that they will blow their undercoat twice each year during the shedding seasons. In some long haired shepherds, the blowing of the undercoat is not nearly as drastic, but these dogs are not usually considered to be within the breed standard. They are very much the exception to the rule.

However, long haired or short haired, your German Shepherd requires weekly maintenance to ensure they stay comfortable and free of skin problems. Although they rarely require formal grooming, they will need a good brushing at least twice each week, and during every shedding season, their coats will need to be raked.

For those owners who wish to keep their German Shepherd inside, daily brushing is advised to minimize the layer of hair that will inevitably be left covering everything you own. The following products are recommended to help in reducing shedding and giving you and your dog a great home grooming experience.

FURminator deShedding Tool

FURminator shedding brushThis tool comes in two different options, the long hair option, and the short hair option, that are designed to work with all dog sizes and coat types and lengths. The Furminator is guaranteed to reduce shedding by up to 90% allowing pet owners to more thoroughly enjoy having their dogs in their home with minimal shedding frustrations.

This tool is considered to be the golden standard for controlling pet hair, and it is highly revered by pet parents across the nation. It comes in a variety of different sizes ranging from extra small to giant enabling you to reap the benefits with pets of all shapes and sizes.

This tool was designed with groomers in mind for a professional finish and is guaranteed to work better than any other brush, comb or rake currently found on the market.

Everything about this tool makes it convenient and easy to use. The handle has an ergonomic design that that provides the groomer with ultimate comfort and ease during use. It cleans easily using the FURejector button which allows loose hair to be removed quickly and efficiently.

The deShedding edge is made of stainless steel and is designed to reach beyond your dog’s topcoat so that it can easily and gently remove loose hair from the undercoat. This feature is especially helpful during the shedding seasons.

This tool is excellent for everyday use. It works on not only dogs but is also recommended for use on other animals including cats, horses, rabbits, ferrets and other small indoor and outdoor pets.

The Extra small size is for dogs and pets up to 10 lbs. The FURminator Large Dog Long Hair deShedding tool is designed for dogs that weigh anywhere from 51-90 pounds. The Giant tool easily handles all dogs and pet larger than 90 lbs. Other sizes include small, medium, and a limited edition large that cover everything in between.

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FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo

FURminator shampooAlong with proper brushing and healthy, balanced nutrition a good shampoo should be a part of every pet’s weekly at home grooming regimen. When it comes to excessive shedding, adding in an additional step such as a shampoo formulated specifically to address the problem, can make all the difference.

The FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo is the ideal product to add into your dog’s monthly health care schedule. This product is enriched with a high-quality blend of fatty acids, omega 3s, and papaya leaf and calendula extract that all work in perfect harmony together to reduce shedding. At the same time, these vitamins and minerals help to enhance and promote a healthy coat and skin.

This shampoo is formulated to be very gentle and contains no chemical dyes or parabens for a healthy and pleasant experience for both you and your dog. Not only is this product extremely effective used on its own, but when used in conjunction with the rest of the FURminator deShedding tools the result is a healthy, enhanced, hydrated and ultra condition coat and skin for your pet and significantly less messy hair for you to deal with in your home.

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Synergy Labs Shed X Supplement

Shed X dog supplement containerAlthough all dogs shed a certain amount, based on breed, some dogs tend to shed more due to deficiencies in their nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies are best resolved by a change in diet, but sometimes supplements are needing to accurately target specific problems.

This approach can be used for dogs who seem to shed excessively more than what is considered typical for their breed. In most cases, excessive shedding is a result of a lack of essential fatty acids or the imbalance of these fatty acids that result from a diet that uses commercially produced pet foods that are less than ideal for your pet.

Enter the Synergy Labs Shed X Dermaplex Supplement. This comprehensive supplement is designed to be used daily. It is formulated with all natural ingredients which include minerals and vitamins chosen to specifically target unnatural hair loss.

This supplement will provide your pet with the best nutrients such as a carefully selected blend of essential fatty acids that include fish oils from sardines and Norwegian anchovies along with oils from the natural wheat germ and organic flax seed.

Depending on nutritional needs, some pets will experience up to 90% improvement in shedding. As the supplement works to increase the health of your dog’s coat, it will also condition the skin leaving behind a much healthier happier pet.

The Shed X Dermaplex supplement comes in a delicious flavor that dogs will love making this supplement a wonderful addition to your pet’s daily healthcare regiment. This product is guaranteed to begin reducing excessive shedding within 3 to 4 weeks, and many happy clients have found that within just a matter of months, their pet’s coats are significantly improved making life more comfortable and pleasant for both pet and owner.

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