Best Smelling Dog Shampoo

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo

Anyone who has been around a dog for very long has experienced the musty smell that is dog odor. Sometimes this odor can be quite offensive, even if there are no deeper underlying health issues contributing to it.

A healthy dog will not usually have a strong odor but there are some common factors that can turn normal body odor quite foul. Examples include rolling in feces or garbage, close proximity to other dogs and being wet.

Odor varies amongst dog and tends to be somewhat unique to each dog, but there is an overlying quality that is easily recognized. Although some people who live with their dogs indoors become somewhat accustomed to the smell, most people prefer that their noses not be constantly bombarded by dog odor.

The best option for keeping your dog smelling as fresh and clean is possible is to give them regular baths. A good shampoo is crucial. It is important to find a shampoo that doesn’t simply mask your dog’s scent. A shampoo with the proper ingredients will help to remove the smells entirely.

The following shampoos are great options for removing dog odor.

NaturPro Clean Holistic Shampoo With Oatmeal & Probiotics
Natures Perfect PetsThis shampoo not only neutralizes bad odors but also leaves behind a pleasant scent. The essential oils Neem, Jojoba, Rosemary, Peppermint and Eucalyptus combine to leave a fresh and enjoyable scent that lingers on your dog for days at a time.

In addition to dissolving pet odors, this shampoo is formulated with oatmeal to provide vitamins, minerals, and lipids to your dogs’ skin and coat. Oatmeal is among the very few natural ingredients that the FDA has recognized and approved.

It is designed specifically to provide a gentle cleansing that won’t cause reactions in dogs that have allergies or sensitive skin. It contains no dyes or harmful chemicals and helps to treat hot spots and dry itchy skin.

The use of probiotics allows this shampoo to remove odor-causing bacteria from the fur and skin. In addition, helps to promote healthy microflora bacteria levels on the skin in a way that is only possible through the utilization of probiotics.

This shampoo plus conditioner product will help to protect your dog’s skin and fur even after it is washed off. The essentials oils also help repel insects to avoid bit irritations.

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I LOVE MY DOG Natural Pet Shampoo with Oatmeal and Neem Oil
The fact that this shampoo is designed to leave your pet fresh and clean smelling is only one of the many benefits it provides. It contains only natural ingredients including oatmeal to moisturize and nourish your pets skin and coat.

It will remove bad bacteria and strengthen your dog’s coat from roots to tip, adding shine and a long-lasting fresh scent.

This shampoo helps to promote a healthier, thicker and shinier coat. It also relieves irritation caused by insect bites. In addition, it is formulated with pure Neem oil that works as a natural bug repellent to minimize insect bites.

I LOVE MY DOG natural pet shampoo is designed to be biodegradable and is packaged in a recyclable bottle. It will not interfere with topical tick and flea treatments and alcohol, soap and detergent free.

This product is made the USA and creates a great foam for a thorough and easy wash that is also easy to rinse out.

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EarthBath All Natural Shampoo
This natural shampoo is available in several different options, all of which are specifically designed with natural ingredients to pinpoint and target specific skin and coat issues. All of the options are safe, gentle and highly effective.

EarthBath is cruelty-free and biodegradable and all options leave will leave your dog smelling fresh and wonderful. EarthBath shampoos are also soap free.

The Puppy formula is ph balanced to provide a gentle nourishing experience for your puppy’s sensitive young skin. It is enhanced with a delightful cherry blossom scent that will keep your puppy smelling pleasant for a long time.

The Eucalyptus and Peppermint shampoo is designed to relieve most common skin irritations and problems that result from flea bites and other skin issues. The fragrant oils leave a fresh and vibrant scent.

The Orange peel oil shampoo option is highly effective for deodorizing and decreasing skin as well as removing stains from fur. It is also soothing for irritated and itchy skin.

The Tea Tree and Aloe shampoo provide anti-inflammatory relief for irritated skin associated with dandruff, flea bites and other skin issues.

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