3 Best Dog Tear Stain Cleaners in 2020

All-Natural Canine Tear Stain Removal Product Review

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Every now and then Butler gets those unsightly red discharges around his eyes.

Those tear stains are not only a real pain to remove, but they can be indicative of a condition called epiphora. Epiphora occurs whenever there is an excess of tear production or insufficient tear drainage.

There are many different breeds of dogs who suffer from this condition. The constant dampness beneath the eyes allows bacteria and yeast to build up. This leads to a reddish-brown, sometimes almost rust-colored staining beneath the eyes.

You may even start to notice a slight odor, skin irritation/infection or some discharge.

I truly hate to see my cat or any animal suffer or be uncomfortable. So I began researching some products and a few home remedies.

Are Home Remedies Safe?

black labrador with tongue sticking outA quick search on Google pulled up plenty of home remedies:

One site suggested a solution of cornflour mixed with a few drops of boiling water and bleach.

I thought that was a little odd. I’m not sure I feel comfortable applying bleach anywhere near my darling’s precious eyes.

Another site explains how adding white vinegar to their water will restore the pH balance. This is supposed to prevent any yeast and bacteria buildup.

After scanning through a few more of these, I realized that almost all of these recipes included the peroxide. Why on earth would anyone want to put that near an animal’s eye?! I surely would never use any of these concoctions on my eyes!

Shocked and confused, I decided to continue how to remove tear stains.

Betta Bridges Pets Natural Tear Stain Remover

betta bridges pet all natural tear stain removalThis is an all-natural organic product and has some really great reviews. It’s comforting to know that this product is made in the U.S and doesn’t contain any chemicals, alcohol or steroids.

Some of the organic ingredients used in this stain remover include these essential oils; lavender, frankincense, rosemary, golden seal, and echinacea. All of these oils are very beneficial and contain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

It also contains colloidal silver as well as witch hazel. The colloidal silver is used to ward off and destroy bacteria and fungus. Witch hazel is a natural astringent and is great for soothing inflammation.

This product claims to reduce inflammation and redness as well as diminishes excessive eye goop and discharge. It is also used for the treatment of eye fatigue and other disturbances of vision. It is can also be used to remove the stains from underneath the eyes.

It is really easy to apply. Just apply to a damp cloth or wet towel and rub gently around the stained area for a minute. Finish off by rinsing the area with a little bit of distilled water.

Continue doing this for the next three days, twice daily.

This product is unique in that it not only removes stains, it also prevents them. Eye discharge and crust should be noticeably less just after a few applications.

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Vet Classics Tear Stain Soft Chews

Vet Classics soft chewsJust like Betta Bridges Pets Natural Tear Stain Remover, these soft chews are made in the U.S.

They contain no antibiotics and are free of steroids. Here’s how some of its main ingredients work to treat pet eye stains.

Oregon grape root functions as an antimicrobial and are used to combat certain skin irritations.

Marshmallow root is said to reduce inflammation of the skin.

Colostrum powder is used to ward off and kill bacteria and fungal growth.

Lutein is often referred to as the “eye vitamin” and is used to prevent many types of eye diseases.

This product claims to eliminate and reduce tear stains from the inside out. It is safe to use on both cats and dogs. The dosage depends on the weight of your pet and ranges from one to four chews daily for forty-five to sixty days.

Up to 15 lbs: 1 Soft Chew

16 – 50 lbs: 2 Soft Chews

51 lbs. and Over: 4 Soft Chews

Is It Easy To Use?

This may or not be an easy product to use and really depends on your pet. Some dogs and cats may enjoy the taste of these while others may not. I probably would not be able to get Butler to eat even one of these chews because she is quite a picky eater.

A few people that reviewed this product were able to overcome this issue. Some suggested breaking it up and distributing it into their food. Others mentioned to combine it with a flavored pill pocket.

Do They Actually Work?

Vet Classics Tear Stain Soft Chews didn’t receive as many good reviews as Betta Bridges Pets Natural Tear Stain Remover.

There are quite a few mixed reviews. Some reviewers claimed to have great results in a short period of time. Others thought the product was a waste of money and were frustrated after months of using it. 49 percent of consumers on Amazon was happy and said the product worked well to clear up and prevent tear stains.

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NaturVet Tear Stain Supplement Tablets

NaturVet tear strain tabletsNaturvet Tear Stain Supplement Tablets contain natural ingredients and are also made in the U.S.A. Many of the active ingredients are similar to Vet Classics Tear Stain Remover.

This product claims to reduce tear stains by helping to support the immune system and lubricating mucous membranes. The dosage is exactly the same as Vet Classics Tear Stain Remover.

Up to 15 lbs: 1 Soft Chew

16 – 50 lbs: 2 Soft Chews

51 lbs. and Over: 4 Soft Chews

I find that the Naturvet and Vet Classics formula is very similar. This product might be a little less palatable then the soft chews. Disguising it in a pill pocket or a treat would probably help if your pet is finicky.

So how effective are the Naturevet tear stain supplements? It’s hard to say! There were plenty of mixed reviews on this one as well.

The majority of the reviewers mentioned that their pets didn’t care for the taste. Although some buyers claimed that this product helped with their pet’s tear stains, others did not agree. Some people stated they saw no change at all.

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Which Of These Products Would I Purchase?

Out of all, I would definitely purchase Betta Bridges Pets Natural Tear Stain Remover.

I like the fact that their ingredients are all natural and organic. It is so affordable and the reviews are great and the product seems like it is very easy to use.

Naturvets and Vet Classics wouldn’t be a good option for me. The reviews left me feeling less than confident in these two products.

Besides the fact that it might be hard for me to get my dog to eat these without wrapping them in cheese or sausage, I quickly realized how expensive this product can get if you are giving a large dog 4 tablets per day.


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