Natural Pain Remedies For Dogs

Natural Pain Remedies For Dogs

Nobody likes to see their beloved pets in pain. Ideally I wouldn’t have to have this post on my website, but this world is not perfect, and pain does exist, but thankfully, so do remedies. Here are a couple of my favorites to help get your pet back to their fun, perky self.

Veterinarian’s Best Aspirin Free Aches & Pains Formula

This is a great option if you are looking for a more natural pain relief option for your dog. Along with having ingredients such as Glucoasmine HCL and MSM (both of which are great for dogs with joint issues) this aspirin free formula is infused with Willowherb and Pineapple.

The idea is to offer your pet the most pain relief with the least risk of side effects. The reviews are stellar for this product with many pet parents saying this offered quick and noticeable results shortly after taking the medication.

Since it comes in a soft chewable tablet form that is flavored so that your dog is likely to be happy eating it as if it were any other treat! However, this should not be used in replacement for supplements for dogs with arthritis or similar conditions.

Overall this is a great pain relief option for your dog and is much safer than many other medications that can be prescribed by your vet.

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Anti-Inflammatory Capsules by Ricky Litchfield

This particular medication is specifically designed with all natural ingredients to reduce swelling and pain due to arthritis and other similar conditions. The greatest thing is that it is made from ingredients even us humans are recommended – salmon oil and Buchu.

If you are looking to help your pet live a comfortable life well into old age and would prefer to avoid medications with harmful side effects then this may be it. There are absolutely no known side effects of this highly effective medication.

It comes as a gel cap and it is generally eaten up in seconds without much fuss from the canine patient. If your dog does happen to be fussy about it then you should consider trying a pill pocket to fool your dog into thinking it’s a treat.

Some pet parents have even claimed that this medication made it possible for them to take their dogs off of potentially harmful pain relievers such as Rimadyl by replacing it with this effective and natural solution.

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