Best Dog Food for Maltese

Best Dog Food for Maltese

We always want to be sure we are feeding our dogs a proper and balanced diet, right? Unfortunately for some breeds this is easier said than done. Some breeds can eat just about anything and be fine where as others have more specific requirements.

The Maltese is one of those breeds that needs just a little extra attention when it comes to making sure they are fed properly. Conditions such as hyperglycemia (low blood sugar) are common in the Maltese and can be avoided with proper feeding routines.

What Makes or Breaks a Nutritional Diet for the Maltese

Truly it is not whether or not you feed a dry or wet dog food that really makes the difference in the end. It’s the quality of the food you choose that matters the most. Many commercial brand dog foods are made with fillers and additives that have no nutritional value to the dog.

Basically – some of the lower quality brands are the equivalent to you eating McDonalds and Burger King for every single meal. When purchasing a dog food brand you should look firstly at the list of ingredients.

If the first 5 ingredients do not include one regular meat product (chicken, beef, etc.) then it is probably not a quality food!

Along with feeding your dog a proper type of food you will also have to be sure your Maltese is being fed regularly. Since this breed (as with most toy breeds) is prone to low blood sugar regular feeding throughout the day is necessary to keep them healthy.

You Can Always Choose a Home Cooked Diet

If you took a look at the dog food bags and cans and realized that nothing you’ve been feeding your dog is near good enough you can always consider a home cooked diet. Many people cook for their dogs regularly.

Making your own dog food can be an interesting experience (especially if you opt for a raw food diet). You will need to be sure your dog is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to lead a happy and healthy life – it is advised that you talk to your vet about homemade diets.

However, if the idea of cooking up your dog’s dinner every night (or even a few nights a week) seems like too much, these two dog foods are nearly perfect for the Maltese breed!

Royal Canin Maltese Adult Dog Food

This food was specifically designed to properly feed the Maltese breed exactly what they need. Royal Canin is a great brand simply for the fact that they design foods that are breed specific so that each dog will be provided with the right balance of nutrients.

If you have a Maltese that is under 10 months of age then you should consider looking for the “Puppy” version of this dog food. If it is not available then purchasing a similar Royal Canin small breed puppy food will generally work fine for most dogs.

Between the variety of flavors that Maltese just seem to love (even though many are finicky eaters) and the fact that this is a dry food designed just for this breed it is hard to find a better food for your Maltese.

One of the downsides is that it is available in very few places – however the price on Amazon seems to have everywhere else beat, making it a no-brainer to order it online. However if you do not wish to wait for it to be shipped you may have to look into a different food option.

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Cesar Cuisine Variety Pack

This is an incredible wet food for almost any small breed of dog. The brand focuses on providing a well-balanced diet of quality meats and other ingredients that keep dogs happy and healthy.

You can give this food as their main dish – it is recommended that you feed 4 small trays per 10lbs of your dog’s body weight (EX. 15lb dog should eat 6 small trays per day). Unfortunately, depending on the size of your dog this can get somewhat expensive.

If the price is too much for you to feed this as a regular diet many reviewers even suggest mixing this in with a high quality dry dog food. Mixing the wet food in with the dry will usually get picky eaters who ignore dry food to eat it happily.

There really don’t seem to be many dogs who don’t like this brand. If anything some dogs prefer this food so much that they will refuse to eat if this is not on the menu!

Veterinarians have analyzed the ingredients of this food for multiple reviewers and each have agreed that this food meets all the nutritional requirements for small dog breeds – perfect for a Maltese who needs a steady and proper diet.

Actually – the fact that this food needs to be fed so frequently is actually helpful in ensuring that your Maltese avoids any health issues mentioned earlier! Overall this is one of the best foods you can choose to feed your dog short of cooking a meal yourself.

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How to Decide

It can be hard to make a decision – especially when presented with two such perfect options for your furry friend. You will want to consider cost of feeding your dog of course, but there are other things to consider as well.

For example it is up for debate on whether or not any dog should be fed a fully wet food diet. It is said that this is the main cause of tooth decay in dogs. You can avoid this by providing the proper dental chews, teeth cleanings and even rotating between dry and wet food regularly.

These two foods are both designed specifically for small dogs. From the ingredients in them to the recommended servings – which for the Cesar is designed to offer multiple meals which is best for your Maltese.

If you are looking to make the food stretch you can alternate between the two types of food or you could always mix them together as suggested earlier. This will save you money and ensure that you are providing your dog with a balanced and nutritional diet.

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