Best Organic Dog Food Brands

Best Organic Dog Food Brands

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In recent years people have started to notice more and more that commercial brand dog foods are often not healthy for their dog in the least. Regardless of the companies advertised promises most of those foods are filled with unneeded ingredients to lower production costs.

So how do we pet owners combat this seemingly never ending problem? You could always cook your dog a meal every night – but that may not be feasible for most pet parents. Instead the best thing you can do for your dog’s health is to feed them an organic dog food.

Why Organic Dog Food is Important

Think about eating fast food, literally every day of your life, for every meal. You can imagine how that would end with bad results, yes? Unfortunately this is basically what we are doing when we choose to feed our dogs low-quality dog foods.

Commercial brands (such as Iams and Gravy Train) are not as great for your pet as it may seem on the outside. When you take a look at the list of ingredients you are bound to find tons of fillers and ingredients that truly do no good for your dog other than filling their bellies.

If you want to feed your dog a proper and balanced diet then you have a couple of different options. The best thing you can do is to feed them organic food (like you should feed yourself!). While it is more expensive a proper diet can easily extend the life of your furry companion.

How Can I tell if a Food is Truly Organic?

The first thing you need to do when you are trying to determine if a dog food is organic or not is to look at the ingredients. These ingredients should be things such as beef, chicken, eggs, carrots and potatoes – and a good organic dog food will specify organic to each ingredient.

If the first few things you see on the list include corn, soy or any ingredients which include gluten then you should not buy into the manufacturers lies. None of these ingredients have any nutritional value to your dog and are not easily digested by your dog.

One of the best ways to feed an organic diet is to cook the meal yourself – however this is time consuming and probably the least convenient thing imaginable for some pet parents. If this is the case then you are in luck because there are organic dog foods to meet all your pets needs.

The Honest Kitchen

the honest kitchenThis is probably the absolute best organic dog food on the market today. The first thing you will notice about the Honest Kitchen is that all their ingredients are fresh and organic – the first sign you are buying a great quality food for your dog.

The next thing you will likely notice is that they say their food is FDA approved – something no low-grade commercial pet food can say. Unlike other dog foods the Honest Kitchen makes their dog food in a human grade kitchen – which means it is inspected just like any other kitchen.

Pet food plants are not held to the strict regulations that are enforced on human-grade kitchens. The food from the Honest Kitchen is ordered from the same suppliers (bulk and local) as many other kitchens in their area and the food is prepared with the same care.

This food is dehydrated so it keeps all the essential nutrients. When it comes to feeding time all you have to do is add a little water, stir it up and wait for the food to rehydrate. After that you can give it to your dog who will likely gobble it up.

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Natures Variety Instinct Raw Frozen Diet

This dog food is a little different than the last – however it is just as healthy (if not healthier!) for your pet. The raw food diet may still be up for debate for some, however you have to think about it – dogs and cats both survived on raw food they hunted prior to becoming domesticated.

The idea behind a raw food diet is to provide all essential nutrients while also giving them a diet closest to what they would receive in the wild. The food from Natures Variety is frozen after a process called High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP).

HPP is an USDA-approved and 100% natural process. It keeps all the essential nutrients in the food even during processing. The food is then frozen and has a shelf life of 1 year (when kept frozen).

Thaw out the next meal when you feed your dog their present meal. (Basically take breakfast out of the freezer and put it in the fridge when you are feeding dinner.) That’s all there is to it – it is served cold and dogs absolutely love it!

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There are probably more organic dog foods out there that are just as great as these two – but these are reliable brands that are all about keeping your dog happy and healthy, not making their buck like companies that add fillers to lower costs.

If you are thinking about switching your pet to an organic food then you can take comfort in knowing you are making the best decision for your dog!

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