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Compare Food Options For A Healthy Diet For Your Small Breed Dog

Figuring out the proper diet for your small dog can be challenging.  You know they are going to eat less, so you need to make sure that they get more vitamins and minerals in every bite.

In addition, you want to be careful not to choose a food that is going to make them overweight.

And if that is not complicated enough, some small dogs are very active, while others have a more docile personality that doesn’t need as much fuel.

The trick is to choose a top-notch, highly-balanced food that will support their nutritional needs, and then making sure that your dog gets the right amount of it for their nutritional needs.

I have also noticed that many small dogs also tend to be pickier eaters.  I’m not really sure what causes that, but it is something that you often have to take into account if your dog has a habit of turning up its nose at food.

Before we get into the specific dog food reviews I want to point out that the three foods I chose are very low in fillers.  Too many dog foods have a lot of corn and grain in them to act as a “filler”.  Sure dogs need some carbohydrates, but not as many as most of the mainstream foods choose to include.

You will pay more upfront for these foods, but in the end, you are able to feed them less because more usable calories are included in each

bite. They also tend to poop less since more of the food is actually usable by their bodies.

In the end, the cost-per-month should be very similar, and your dog will have a healthier, shiny coat, more energy, and fewer vet bills.  That’s the goal, anyhow.

#1 Dog Food For Small Breeds - Orijen

Orijen is undoubtedly one of the best dog foods on the market.  They take a lot of pride in the preparation of their food and go to lengths to provide only the highest-quality ingredients that you aren’t apt to find even in most human food.

For example, they use their own free-range chicken. The fish is fresh-caught by their own fisherman in the low-pollution waters of northern Canada. Most of their vegetables are grown on their own farms.

It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

On top of that, Orijen continually gets some of the top reviews by dog food analysts. Year after year it is listed in the top-ten dog foods and is absolutely the best when it comes to delivering the most value in each bite.

Plus, all of this fresh goodness is extremely appetizing even to the pickiest dog.

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#2 Dog Food For Small Breeds - Acana Wild Prarie

Acana is one of those foods that is so fresh it may have been made in your own kitchen. Free of artificial flavors, fillers, and colors, it uses eggs to deliver super-high protein concentrate in a form that is perfect for muscle development.  (Eggs are considered the standard of protein in bodybuilding)

Owners of picky eaters, small dogs, big dogs, dogs with skin problems and dogs with allergies all are finding Acana to be an ideal choice.

Don’t decide on a dog food without taking a good look at Acana.

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#3 Dog Food For Small Breeds - A Raw Food Alternative

Many dog owners are being attracted to the value of providing a raw food diet for your dog.  There is a lot of attractiveness to the raw food diet: your dog will love it, it has a lot of natural vitamins and it is closest to their diet in the wild.

However, it is extremely inconvenient, and it can be quite expensive.  Furthermore, most dog owners go with cheaper cuts of meat which are too high in calcium and phosphorus for a dog’s optimal health… not to mention that your dog is an omnivore and needs some fruits and veggies in their life for optimal health.

If you are considering the raw diet, I’d encourage you to look at The Honest Kitchen Verve dog food.

This food is AAFCO compliant which means that it has all of the nutritional value your dog needs.  The meat is hormone-free and is some of the highest quality meat you can get. Furthermore, it is easy to use.  Just mix some warm water in, and you are good to go.

This “dehydrated raw food diet” is a great alternative and is the best way to go if you want to provide the absolute best for your dog.

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