Using Tramadol For Dogs With Cancer

Using Tramadol For Dogs With Cancer

Watching your loved one lose a battle with cancer has got to be one of the hardest thing you will ever do. I’ve been there. We’ve said goodbye to three dogs now in our family who have been taken by the ravages of this horrible disease.

There is never a moment when we don’t stop hoping that our pets will get better. But, ultimately, we want them to be comfortable.

Patient-Vet Communication Is Key

At every stage of care it is important for you to be informed of all available treatment options. Ask questions of your Vet and take notes. Do research online and cross-reference what you find with what your vet thinks. Sometimes you can find new options that your vet may not yet have heard of. And a lot of times your vet will have already discounted these “amazing” treatment options based on certain challenges in your pet’s particular case.

Pain Management During Cancer Treatment

Ideally, by treating the underlying cause of the pain, your pet will naturally begin to feel better.

However, as we all know, a lot of the treatment options themselves are quite painful. Radiation and Surgery can leave your pet weak and whimpering, and before pursuing either option, discuss how their pain can best be managed.

Sometimes there is no cure available. In those cases pain management is all the more important. With the proper medication, you pet can have months of happy palliative care before their condition becomes unmanageable.

Affording Cancer Treatment

While none of us want to talk about it, money is always an important consideration. Be candid with your vet on how much you can allocate to your pet’s comfort. Often there may be generic prescription options available.

Purchasing your pet’s drugs online can also save you money. Your vet may not like this as well, but simply ask for them to write you a prescription. They can’t really refuse.

When shopping online look for discounts and coupons. However, I would not recommend buying your drugs from places like Craigslist or Ebay. Depending on the medication, a purchase from one of these non-regulated sites can actually be illegal. Not to mention the “drug” may simply be a placebo repackaged by some Chinese scam artist.

Tramadol For Palliative Care

One of the most commonly suggested medications is Tramadol. While it works very much like an opiate, it does not (yet) have as many restrictions on its use.

The challenge with prescribing it to a cancer patient is several fold. For one, the patient’s weight may have changed significantly. Be sure to weigh your pet and adjust the amount given to match their current weight.

Tramadol can also either make your dog extremely loopy, or restless and agitated. Watch their behavior closely and communicate with your vet if there are side effects that concern you.

They may also be more thirsty while on this medication, and their appetite may change.

The benefit is that this medication is one of the more affordable options for serious pain management.

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