The Top 3 Most-Stylish Leather Collars For Your Dog

The Top 3 Most-Stylish Leather Collars For Your Dog

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What some dog owners do not realize is that the choice of dog collars could be the difference between life and death for their favorite pet. Moreover, if the owner hangs a dog tag on the collar, the risk to the pet’s life becomes that much pronounced.

For that reason, although the market is now full of the best leather dog collars, the owners have to make the choice carefully. Personally, when looking for the collars, I base my choice on the dog’s safety. Why do I love buying leather dog collars?

Benefits of Leather Dog Collars

leather collars1Leather dogs are very popular for their durability. Unlike other materials, the best leather dog collars last much longer. This is because leather is not prone to fraying or breaking.

Leather dog collars also very fashionable. The stylishness of the collars makes them a major attraction. The leather collars come in various colors. I have seen black, brown, red, pink and yellow leather collars to mention but a few.

The durability of the leather collars is also what makes them cost effective because they help me avoid spending too much money on repairs and replacements as they do not fray or break easily.

Unlike other materials, leather is comfortable on the dog’s neck because it is from natural rather than synthetic material. Other materials often leave the dog feeling uncomfortable.

Because of this, leather collars are good for dogs with highly sensitive skin. Some dogs develop wounds on their skin after wearing other types of collars.

The main disadvantages with these leather dog collars is the fact that they are initially expensive (but the often recoup that by lasting longer). With inadequate care and maintenance, the leather collars can also get too smelly. Finally you’ve got to watch leather around puppies as they love chewing it.

How to increase the dog collar’s lifespan

I have noticed that the leather dog collars last longer through proper care. I take care of my collars just as I do other types of leather materials. With regular polishing and conditioning, the collars enjoy increased lifespan. I am yet to discover a more effective method of making the collars last longer than regular cleaning.

Lack of proper care could see even the strongest dog collars not only grow brittle, but also crack. This cracking can cause chafing and be quite painful for the dog. I have discovered that a gentle leather cleaner does such an amazing job in restoring and preserving the dog collars.

19″-22″ Black Faux Leather Spiked Studded Dog Collar 2″ Wide, 37 Spikes 60 Studs, Pitbull, Boxer

spiked collarI fell in love with this stylish dog collar immediately. For large dogs, this leather collar (which is meant for dogs with necks measuring 19-22 inches and an overall length of 24 inches) the ideal choice.

More importantly, I found the 5 adjustment holes on the dog collar a kind gesture by the manufacturers. The Nickel-plated hardware on the collar was also a nice touch adding some stylish features on it.

One of the most attractive features of the leather dog collar is the fact that it is from a strong and durable material. Not only that, but it is also worth noting that the dog leather has a light and elegant feel to it, which makes it comfortable to dogs.

The dog collar comes in a wide variety of colors including rose red, white, red, pink, brown and black. Since I am the proud owner of a mild mannered dog, the collar looks perfect on his neck. The dog does not struggle with the collar on its neck.

On the other hand, I have heard complaints regarding the collar not being suitable for a dog weighing more than 50 pounds. My dog weighs less than 50 pounds so I have not experienced any problem. Therefore, avoid using it on a dog weighing more than 50 pounds.

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Brown High Quality Genuine Leather Braided Dog Collar

brown braided leatherThe biggest attraction with this item, is the fact that it is not only comfortable, but also pliable, strong and durable. Its enduring features include the Nickel-plated hardware as well as the mental enforced eyelets.

The sharpness of the braid-make collar is also worth mentioning. The trimming, which has a thick-waxed thread, has also been popular with a number of dog owners. The lining on the suede leather is equally quite attractive and looks comfortable on the dog.

The 4 adjustment holes are ideal in case the dog has a much thicker or thinner neck. It is possible to adjust, although I feel they could have added one more hole. It is ideal for a dog whose neck has a thickness of between 14 inches and 18 inches.

The 1-inch width and 20-inch overall length also made me fall in love with this stylish, leather dog collar. On the other hand, I would recommend measuring the dog’s neck before placing an order for the collars.

The only problem I have with the dog collar is that it comes in one color alone – brown. I would also watch out for the snaps (especially on the backs) as they could begin falling off, but with super maintenance and regular cleaning, this should not be much of a problem.

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Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

Perris Padded Leather collarI love variety, and this is why the dog collar appeals to me in so many ways.

First, it comes in a wide selection of colors including Havana/blue, black, blue/black, pink/black, Havana/brown, black/red, black/white, black/sky blue, black/turquoise and black/snakeskin among others.

This stylish leather dog collar is made in the US. Its lambskin padding is quite soft, thus comfortable on the dog’s neck. The stainless steel hardware on the black collar ensures that it never suffers in terms of durability.

For owners who prefer the brown collar, the solid brass hardware is such an excellent feature. The collar obtains its stylishness from the classic design that the manufacturer employed. Its construction is of the highest quality.

The collar comes in different sizes making it perfect for a variety of dogs. It is available in X-Small, medium, small, large and X-large sizes, which are for necks measuring 8-10 inches, 12-16 inches, 10-13 inches, 16-20 inches and 20-25 inches respectively.

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