Hypoallergenic Dog Foods For Pets With Skin Irritation Issues

A lot of people associate skin inflammation with external allergens.

However, with dogs, they often manifest their allergies to their food through their coat. So, if you have a pet with coat problems, it could very well be closely associated with their food – especially if you have recently switched foods.

Frequent itching and scratching (especially around the ears), rolling around on the ground, can show your dogs is experiencing skin issues. Inflamed ears and paws are often red (rather than white).

It may be worth visiting your vet and get some anti-allergy lotion to help with the immediate inflammation. Or you could try some recommended itch remedies.

But in the long run, you need to address diet.

Common Ingredients That May Be Allergenic

Research from BMC Veterinary shows some of the more common allergens.

Allergen Percentage of Dogs With Reaction
Beef 34%
Dairy Products 17%
Chicken 15%
Wheat 13%
Soy 6%
Lamb 5%
Corn 4%
Egg 4%
Pork 2%
Fish 2%
Rice 2%

Limited Ingredient Dog Foods

Limit Ingredient foods are formulations that have only a few (or even one) potential allergenic food.  The idea is that this can help eliminate and identify what is causing your dog’s problems.

Some dogs may always need to be on an limited ingredient diet, while others can be transitioned to a non-traditional diet later on after their coat has cleared up.

These are an ideal “stage 1” diet initially after your dog has a reaction since it lets you get most of the potential allergens immediately out of their diet.

Novel (Non-Traditional) Ingredient Dog Food

Many dog foods use chicken by-products or beef.  Over time, some dogs can develop  an intolerance to these meats.  Switching them over to a meat that is different than they normally have can help reduce irritation.

My favorite pick for dogs with skin problems is salmon meat.  This fish meat is rich in essential fatty acids, and helps support eye and skin health.  Dogs that are fed a diet rich in EFA’s have noticeably sleeker coats.

Most of these foods are also grain-free and avoid the use of soy, wheat, and milk.

The only downside is that you are going to pay 2-3x more per pound than the poorer quality dog foods out there.

1. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient

Natural Balance is one of the leaders in the Limited Ingredient diets.  They may have actually coined the phrase.

What I like about their Salmon and Sweet Potato blend is the addition of salmon oil for even more Omega-3’s, DHA and essential fatty acids.

Main ingredients: Sweet Potatoes, Salmon, Menhaden Fish Meal, Potato Protein.

If your dog has skin sensitivities, this formula is not only designed to remove the allergen, it is also designed to help support and nourish a healthy, shiny coat.

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2.  Wellness Simple

There are different formulas of their limited ingredient food available. This includes Duck & Oatmeal, Lamb & Oatmeal, Turkey & Potato, and Salmon & Potato.

So if one doesn’t work, you can try the others until you narrow down a possible intolerance.

Wellness simple is grain free, also supplemented with flax seed and probiotics.

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3. Nutro Limited Ingredient – Lamb & Sweet Potato

Nutro offer a range of specialist dog foods based on a single protein: either Lamb, Venison, Duck, or Salmon. Carbohydrates are typically from sweet potato or lentils.

Reviews on Amazon show some outstanding results from dogs with skin issues.

Be sure to always slowly transition your dog to a new food.

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4. Zignature – Trout Salmon Formula

Fish-based proteins are a good choice due to their novelty value. The Trout salmon is free of chicken, eggs, dairy, soy, corn. It uses low-GI carbs, and has about 33% protein ratio.

Always buy the biggest bag you can afford – it works out cheaper in the end.

You can get Zignature Trout & Salmon from online retailer Chewy (delivered in 1-2 days).

5. NomNomNow – Fresh Food Subscription

Nomnomnow is a unique product – fresh-prepared food that is delivered by subscription.

The Turkey meal contains: Ground turkey, Brown rice, Carrots, Spinach, Egg, and Fish Oil plus a nutrient mix (vitamins and minerals).

You could mix this with some dry kibble, but if you are trying to eliminate food issues, then stick to just the pouch alone.

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