Why Do Female Dogs Hump?

Why Do Female Dogs Hump?

Why do female dogs hump complete breakdown

That awkward moment when you have company over and your female dog comes running in and mounts their leg… Or if you’re lucky she is humping a pillow or one of her plushy dog toys… I’ve only had boy pups, however I have known girl dogs who do this quite often…

If you’ve had this issue then you’ve probably been trying to figure out exactly why your female dog is humping everything in sight. You may be surprised to find out that female dogs are just as likely as males to hump objects, other animals and even people.

Along with discovering the many reasons for why your female dog is mounting, I’ve also come across a few tips on training your dog out of this habit!

Why Female Dogs Hump

There are a number of reasons your girl has taken to mounting things. If your girl is unaltered (not spayed) then the most likely reason for her to be mounting is due to going into heat. When a female goes into heat she may hump to let you know she is ready to mate.

Another common reason is simply that it feels good. Puppies often hump when they play – the reason for this is not entirely determined (though it is speculated that they are preparing for mating).

Dogs are creatures of habit and if they find out early on that humping feels good then they are unlikely to stop unless it is discouraged. If your dog’s humping is bothersome to you then you should work on distracting or discouraging her from the act.

Other possible reasons your female is mounting include stress, playfulness or even a potentially harmful medical condition. Most of the time humping can be a result of pent up energy from either stress or a lack of proper play time.

On the other hand it could also be a medical condition – if your dog is humping excessively (especially if she’s fixed) then you should take her to a vet to be examined. Then you can rule out potentially harmful illness and work on reversing the behavior.

Then there is of course, the “humping for dominance” theory. This is not far off actually. In a multi-dog home this is one way of showing the hierarchy. It is a practice that is often found in a pack setting with wild dogs so it is not surprising that this is one of the reasons for mounting.

How You Can Stop Her

Stop your female from humping

The best advice to help you in stopping your female dogs mounting habit is to discourage the habit all together. If your dog is fixed then it may be easier than if your dog were to go into heat.

You should attempt to catch your dog’s attention right before she starts to hump if at all possible. You might be able to do this by calling their name, whistling or clapping your hands. If you cannot recall your dog then you will need to separate your dog from her infatuation.

Doing this repeatedly will help your dog to realize that you do not like this behavior of hers. You can try giving a command such as “sit” or “lay down” to ask her to stop. If she does this on the first command then you should reward her with a treat for a job well done!

It might take a while for you to get your dog to stop this behavior. If your dog likes to mount objects such as pillows or plush toys then they should be out of reach when you are not around. This will ensure your dog doesn’t go sneaking around with her habit!

Remember, persistence is key when it comes to training. You have to be consistent in your expectations. You cannot allow her to hump when she wants, unless you have company. That’s not exactly fair for her and it is best to discourage the behavior all together.

Doggy Dan’s – Resolving All Issues

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Doggy Dan focuses on ways to help you understand your dog and build a stronger, more trusting and respectful relationship between you and your dog. Only when your dog truly respects you will he be ready to listen to you properly.

His courses are all online and that makes them accessible to anyone who has a membership. You can read dozens of testimonials from pet parents who wouldn’t have been able to train their dogs alone!

Doggy Dan tells you that the secret to having a great relationship with your dog is knowing how your dog thinks. Instead of expecting her to have the same understanding as a young human, understand that she is a dog and will behave like a dog behaves until taught otherwise.

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