What Is The Best Orthopedic Dog Bed? Reviews and Opinions

Finding A Bed That Supports Your Dog’s Joints And Aides In Good Sleep

Dog bed for orthopedic dogsI’m a fan of dog beds.  They provide a comfy place for your dog to chill throughout the day, and gives them a comfortable place to sleep at night so that I can shoo them off my bed guilt-free.

When we travel we can take it with us and it gives my pooch a sense of “home” no matter where we are, and on the rare occasion I have to leave him with a sitter, it gives him added reassurance in my absence.

Furthermore, a good bed can greatly alleviate aches and pains in older dogs.  Investing in a quality bed can provide a place to lay that absorbs their tired muscles and helps relieve pressure on their aching joints.

Young dogs also appreciate a good bed as it gives them a sense of regularity in where they sleep.  You will find that your puppy also sleeps better at night having a super-comfy bed, versus how well they sleep with a smaller bed.

Bed Size Matters

I’ve seen dogs curl up super tightly and sleep on the tiniest pillows.  However, that is not what we are after.  We want our pet to be able to stretch out if necessary and to be comfortable at all times.

This is especially important for larger breeds and dogs with joint pain.

Furthermore, keep size in mind if you plan to slide it inside a crate.  It’s easy to get a bed that is the right size for your dog but that won’t go inside your crate.

Frankly, I have two beds for mine.  One that fits in the crate and then another nice cozy one that sits by the fireplace for him to hang out in when he’s not crated.

Looking for the absolutely best orthopedic dog bed you can buy?  Here is my run-down.

My Top Choices

Dog Bed #4 – K&H Lounge Sleeper

K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet BedI wanted to include the K&H in here because it is a really unique design and it caters to smaller dogs.  Now, it only uses “polyfill” so it is not orthopedic in any sense.

So why include it on this list?

Well, the K&H uses a bit of reflective barrier in the bedding to send the doggie’s body heat back up into their bed. This heat can help release joint pain and create a cozy place to sleep.

The best part is that the whole bed is washable so you can just throw it in the machine whenever it needs it.

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Dog Bed #3 – Integrity Orthopedic Bed

JPTACTICAL Felt Wool Pet Bed

This bed is the perfect for the family pet.  Super plush, you get a 3-inch polyurethane base layer to provide the support you need and t keep the bed from sagging over time, topped with a 1-inch soft density polyurethane foam layer.  Most dog beds would stop there and call it good, but then they tack on another 1″ layer of memory foam to make it a super-comfy place for those achy joints to relax.

Some dogs also enjoy the raised side as a sort of pillow.

The faux fur cover is removable for washing and the non-skid bottom means your pooch can confidently get in and out of this bed without worrying about it slipping out and spraining a hip.

Excellent construction, orthopedic support, and a little furniture-like flair. It’s a great choice for any dog-centered living room.

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Dog Bed #2 – Big Barker Dog Crate Pad

Big Barker Orthopedic 4″ Dog Crate Pad

Want the excellent engineering of the Big Barker for a smaller dog?  Their 4″ pad is an excellent choice.

This top-notch pad uses only American-made foam which is well-known for its durability over the cheaper Chinese brands.  If you want a pad that will last, this is the way to go.

The cover is 100% waterproof and can be popped in the washing machine for easy care.

This foam pad is divided to provide 2″ of comfort foam on top of 2″ of support foam for the maximum in orthopedic comfort inside a crate.

It’s the perfect gift for the crate-loving pooch.

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Dog Bed #1 – Big Barker

 Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed w/Headrest

Big barker is one of the absolute best brands of dog beds online.  The product quality is there. The design quality is there.  The raving customer reviews back up all of the amazing engineerings.

In fact, I love them so much that they claim 2 of these 4 product slots.

To start with, this bed uses 7″ of American Made foam.  It is layered specifically to allow your dog maximum comfort no matter where they lie down on the mattress.  Furthermore, this specific mattress is designed for big dogs that are more apt to have joint problems, and is designed to withstand their heavier weight without breaking down and “dishing” or “flattening”.

So this bed is not only going to last a half-dozen of the cheaper beds, it is also going to provide better support and relief for your pet in the meantime.

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