Finding A Low Salt Dog Food Option To Improve Canine Heart Health

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Finding A Low Salt Dog Food Option To Improve Canine Heart Health

It is always concerning to get the news that your dear loved one is suffering from a heart condition. Now you are facing many questions, the first is “where on earth can I find low sodium dog food? Do they even make it?”

The good news is that there are several brands that offer low sodium dog food.  I’ll cover the obvious ones, (you may have already considered them) and then try to offer some affordable alternatives.

For most dogs suffering from cardiac problems, you need to find a dog food that has <100 mg of sodium per 100 kCal. (Your vet may even want it lower)  These are the guidelines I used when searching for a quality foods.

Your dog is lucky to have you.  With the right diet, you should have a lot of fun times ahead of you yet!

Hill's Science Diet Dog Food

These guys are the ones every veterinarian seems insistent on carrying.  And yet, when you look at their ingredients, you will always find that they are quite heavy on the fillers and light on the nutritional value.

However by marketing themselves as a “prescription food” they are able to gain a sizable part of the veterinarian market share.

Because of Hill’s low nutritional value, I don’t typically include them in the list.  However, there are so few low-sodium dog foods on the market, it makes sense to mention them.

Bottom line is, it will nourish your dog. It is low sodium.  But it isn’t all-natural, it isn’t wholesome, and it simply doesn’t offer the excellent ingredients we like to see.

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Royal Canin Early Cardiac

Royal Canin is a little better brand.  At least they have the forethought to really boost the Omega-3’s to help reduce inflammation.  They also boost the B vitamins to help replace nutrition that may be lost if your dog is on heart medication.

While this brand isn’t typically reviewed as being one of the best dog foods in the industry, it does consistently get better reviews than brands like Purina or Hill’s Science Diet. The ingredients seem to be consistently better balanced towards being high in meat and only moderately stuffed with fillers.

For a low-sodium dog food that is specifically engineered to help with heart problems, this would be my first pick.

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For a Wet Food, Consider Purina ProPlan Select (Sensitive Skin and Stomach Formula)

Coming in at only 44mg/100kCal, the sensitive skin and stomach formula is ideal for dogs suffering from heart problems, but who need a soft food.

One of the biggest advantages of this formula is that it uses Salmon and Rice.  Many of the other foods use high-gluten formulas and common meats (beef and chicken) that some dogs have developed sensitivities to.

Buy going with a “non-traditional meat” (salmon) Purina helps circumvent this meat sensitivity.  On top of that, rice has often been prescribed for dogs with an upset stomach.

So if your dog is not agreeing with the other two foods, you might consider this as an alternative, or as something to mix in with their dry food.

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Here's a Recipe On How To Make Your Own Low Sodium Dog Food