The 5 Best Low Sodium Dog Foods

If your dog is suffering from any sort of heart condition, your vet may advise you to use a low salt diet.

The good news is that several brands offer low sodium dog food.

For most dogs suffering from cardiac problems, you need a dog food that has <100 mg of sodium per 100 kCal (calories).  Your vet may prescribe an even lower amount of sodium.

Salt in larger doses can be toxic to dogs.

1. Hill’s Prescription Diet – Heart Care

Hill’s seems to be stocked by every vet practice, and is therefore the one most often recommended by vets.

By marketing themselves as a “prescription food” they are able to gain a sizable part of the veterinarian market share.

Because of Hill’s low nutritional value, I don’t typically include them in the list.  However, there are so few low-sodium dog foods on the market, it makes sense to mention them.

It is low sodium, but has inferior ingredients compared to some excellent foods on the market.  It’s predominant carb is corn, so if your dog has an issue with corn, you might investigate some corn-free brands.

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2. Royal Canin Cardiac

Royal Canin is a  better brand.  At least they have the forethought to really boost the Omega-3’s to help reduce inflammation.  They also boost the B vitamins to help replace nutrition that may be lost if your dog is on heart medication.

Royal Canin does consistently get better reviews than brands like Purina or Hill’s. The ingredients are better balanced towards being high in meat and only moderately stuffed with fillers.

For a low-sodium dog food that is specifically engineered to help with heart problems, this would be my first pick.

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3. Purina Pro Plan FOCUS – Wet Food

Coming in at only 44mg of sodium per 100 kCal, the sensitive skin and stomach formula is ideal for dogs suffering from heart problems, but who need a soft food.

One of the biggest advantages of this formula is that it uses Salmon and Rice.  Many of the other foods use high-gluten formulas and common meats (beef and chicken) that some dogs have developed sensitivities to.

By going with a “non-traditional meat” (salmon) Purina helps circumvent this meat sensitivity.  On top of that, rice has often been prescribed for dogs with an upset stomach.

So if your dog is not agreeing with the other two foods, you might consider this as an alternative, or as something to mix in with their dry food.

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4. Wellness Complete Lamb & Barley

Wellness is a superior brand of dog food, and this formula has 60 mg sodium per 100 kCal.

With a primary protein of lamb and fish meal, and carbs consisting of brown rice and and barley – it lacks some of the low-nutrition “fillers” that other brands have.

It’s also free of allergens such as wheat, corn, and soy.

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5. Purina Pro Plan Kidney Function

This special formulation has been specifically designed for dogs with kidney issues, and has lower sodium. It has restricted amounts of protein, and does require a vet’s prescription when ordering.

Pricing is cheaper than Hill’s or Royal Canin.

The kibble is a slightly different texture to most other dog dry food.

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If your dog is suffering from any allergenic issues, you may want to consider a limited ingredients diet. This will help you to narrow down what is causing problems.