Highest Quality Corn-Free Dog Foods

Corn is often used as a primary ingredient in dog food.

Many dog food companies use corn, wheat and soy as a cheaper way to add extra calories to the dog food without adding nutritional value.

However it is very easy to guess that a single ingredient as the source of your dogs health issues or skin irritations.  The reality is more complex.

Corn Isn’t The Only Filler Used

Dogs need some carbohydrates, but not all carbohydrates are the same. Brown rice, oatmeal, or sweet potato add more nutritional value than corn or processed wheat.

High-fiber carbohydrates have lower gylcemic indexes which counter the sugar rush that other dog foods give.

Is Your Dog Allergic to Corn?

Corn is a known allergen, but is less common than you think.

From BMC Veterinary Research

Allergen Percentage of Dogs With Reaction
Beef 34%
Dairy Products 17%
Chicken 15%
Wheat 13%
Soy 6%
Lamb 5%
Corn 4%
Egg 4%
Pork 2%
Fish 2%
Rice 2%

In recent years there has been a huge rise in dog foods with a ‘health halo’. We see many labels such as organic, grain-free, wheat-free, corn-free – these can be more about marketing than nutrition.

However, if you believe your dog may have an intolerance to corn, then it’s worth changing up their food.

The Best Corn-Free Dog Foods

1. Taste of The Wild High Prairie

Taste of the Wild is consistently one of my favorite brands.

This particular formula mixes a large variety of vegetables, and avoids most of the common fillers.

It mixes in a variety of meats such as bison, lamb meal, venison and chicken. It also incorporates probiotics into the food. This helps restore natural flora to your dog’s digestive tract.

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2. Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free

Instinct is a well-respected grain-free dog food brand.

One unique thing about Instinct is that it is potato free. They use pumpkin seeds to add some fiber, and probiotics and fermented foods to restore digestive health.

My only “question” is some formulas use Montmorillonite Clay. The thought is that this clay helps remove toxins from the dog’s digestive system. Does it? Is it just a marketing ploy?

I’m not real sure. However, I do know that Instinct has been great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

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3. Wellness Core Grain Free Dog Food

Wellness Core takes a careful approach to their grain-free foods.

Because grain-free foods tend to use more meat in their formulas, the quality of the meat then comes into question. Wellness Core does an excellent job  by using low-ash meats to help control the calcium and phosphorus levels.

There are a number of formulas based on different proteins: fish, wild games, and chicken.

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Corn-Free Dog Food For Puppies

If you have a puppy, you know how critical it is to get them the best possible jump on life.

A lot of breeders suggest that you feed your puppy grain free food.  In fact, some say  it will “void the warranty” of your dog if you feed them something other than grain free.

(Which, if you bought your dog from a pet store, simply means that they have an excuse to sell you more high-end food)

You want a grain-free food that is high in protein but low in calcium. Avoid over-feeding your puppy as it can cause them to grow too rapidly.

If your puppy grows too fast, it can cause obesity as well as skeletal damage.

So, all that to say that I’m going to recommend Wellness Core puppy formula.

4. Wellness Core Puppy Formula

They take care to keep calcium and phosphorus levels in check. They also include DHA which is critical for the healthy development of the puppy’s eyes and brain.

With no meat by-products or fillers, this is one of the most wholesome puppy food formulas on the market.

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