Top 5 Best Natured Dogs

Top 5 Best Natured Dogs

Group portrait of five adorable puppies

All dogs can be the perfect pooch but there are a few breeds that pip them at the post as they are considered to be well-natured in almost all circumstances. Making them wonderful with kids, easy-going and some of the best-natured dogs around.

1. Good Ol’ Golden Retriever

These dogs may seem like they are always getting attention, but for good reason. They do need quite a bit of exercise though – which may actually be a good thing for all the couch potatoes out there. These dogs exhibit some of these special traits:

  • loyal to the core
  • smart – so are easy to train
  • patient so are good with young children
  • confident – not timid but not aggressive either
  • Motivated by play and loyalty to the owner
  • affectionate and obedient
  • social

2. Lovable Labradoodle

These ‘designer’ dogs may be both the cutest and one of the best-natured dogs. I may be a bit biased as my dog Griffin is a Labradoodle, he he!

Pedigree Labradoodles are the result of generations of pure Labradoodles. However, they originated from a Labrador Retriever and Poodle, so have both parts of each breed. Every pup grows into a very different looking dog – some super furry, while some with a more labrador-like coat.

These dogs are often referred to as the calmest and most lovable dogs. Here are some of their greatest attributes:

  • a super cute smile
  • loyalty
  • easy to train
  • very friendly (sometimes a little too much)
  • generally, don’t shed – yes that means the excuse, “I’m allergic to dog hair!” no longer applies.
  • intelligent
  • energetic

3. Charming Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These beautiful dogs are adorable in almost every way and love hopping up on laps for cuddles. Generally, they are best known for their long floppy ears and quintessential patched and patterned fluffy coat. Here are their special traits:

  • sweet natured
  • generally good with kids
  • small size so may fit in a handbag
  • intelligent with an endearing devotion
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were originally bred to warm laps in a drafty castle or horse and cart rides back in the middle ages. Also, their name comes from, you guessed it, King Charles the 2nd who was seldom seen without many of these dogs trotting along behind him.

4. Newfoundland

Known for its massive size these dogs can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to best-natured dogs. However, these loyal hounds have big hearts too (I realize literally they have big hearts but I mean they care a lot, okay). Here are their particularly awesome traits:

  • can adapt to live with other animals
  • are okay in the cold
  • massive size
  • great with children
  • caring and loyal
  • good swimmers
These dogs were originally bred to haul heavy objects such as wood and pull nets for fisherman. They are also very good at swimming and have saved many lives doing so. You can read more about that here.

5. Pompous Poodles

I realize this one may come as a bit of a surprise as Poodles get a bad rap for being known as ‘stuck-up, with their noses in the air’  but are actually incredibly kind and well-natured. Here are some of the traits that make them so well-natured:

  • intelligent
  • aggressive in the best possible way – toward outsiders and people breaking into their property
  • loyal family dogs
  • adapts well to apartment living
  • good for novice dog owners
  • multiple sizes: from miniature, toy and standard
  • dignified attitude
Poodles originally come from the German word, Pudel which means to splash in the water. They were primarily bred in Germany to fetch waterfowl, not to pose primly in dog shows. Somehow they got caught up in that… I wonder who’s to blame…

Remember what we have included in this list of Best Nature Dogs is subjective and while these dogs may be expected to exhibit these traits every dog is different and have grown up in different conditions which may lead them to have behavior problems later in life.

And to all those breeds out there who aren’t on the list – to every owner, you are the best kind of pooch out there and we love you immensely.

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