The Health Benefits Coconut Oil For Dogs

The Health Benefits Coconut Oil For Dogs

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I use coconut oil for everything for myself and family. I cook with it and rub it on my skin. I have even used it for lubricating a wooden door that was stuck. I recommend coconut oil for dogs. If it is good for me, it is good for my dog, Butler.

When I learned that Amazon was selling natural cold-pressed coconut oil for dogs, I decided to give it a try. This is raw, unrefined natural coconut oil from Sun Beam that can be used for dogs and other pets.

The Benefits

Coconut oil has good saturated fats, the types we need for healthy living. The medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) include lauric acid, capric, caprylic and myristic acids which help with the immune system and metabolism. The triglycerides, along with lineolic acid and palmitic found in coconuts, are anti-fungal.

According to many vets, coconut oil contains vitamin E and it can’t hurt a dog. It could probably be quite helpful.

Mine suggested I try giving it to my small dog and see how he liked it. I reminded her that Butler likes to eat everything. I had to carefully control his food intake.

Here are some of the reason why coconut oil for dogs can be beneficial:

  • Minimizing doggy odor and dog breath
  • Aides with flea and tick treatments
  • Makes the dog’s coat shiny
  • Improves digestion
  • Controls dog weight as long as the dog does not overeat table scraps
  • Gives the dog energy

Coconut oil applied to a dog’s coat will keep it shiny while helping with eczema, dermatitis and itchy skin. Wounds and dry spots heal quickly. This is extremely helpful for dogs with longer coats.

I found that dog breath, always a problem, is less with coconut oil. The oil assisted with food absorption. According to recent studies, coconut oil may balance insulin and control thyroid functions.

Dogs using coconut oil can loose weight if necessary and the oil may eliminate canine diabetes. It is also suppose to help with arthritis in older dogs. Coconut oil can assist with inflammatory bowl disease.

All of these claims make coconut oil seem like a magic “superfood”. It is not. It is simply a natural substance that will aid most dogs and can help to keep them in good health.

Too much coconut oil for dogs can result in diarrhea and greasy stools. The animal may not like it and avoid food with it. Your animal may not want to be rubbed down with it.

Portion control

Coconut oil for dogs is based on the size and age of each animal. My vet suggested just a quarter of a teaspoon to start with for Butler. I followed the vet’s advice and started slowly.

I added the oil to his dry dog food. He lapped it up and licked his dog bowl dry.

My vet suggested a teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight if the dog accepted the oil without any problems.

I usually just gave him a teaspoon with his food everyday, and he liked to lick the teaspoon.

Dogs are more sensitive to odor than taste. I think this dog loved the smell of the oil as much as I did.

Types of coconut oil

I was used to cooking with coconut oil made from roasted coconuts while living in Panama. This oil had the toasted coconut odor to it that I loved. I bought the oil directly from the person who made it from the nuts he collected on the beach. It was definitely organic.

I realized that the coconut oil I bought Butler was different. It was a special raw, extra-virgin variety that had not been over-processed. Also, it was solid or congealed since I live in a cooler climate.

Congealed, white coconut oil becomes a clear liquid when it warms up to room temperature or touches a hot pan. I allowed the oil to warm up to room temperature and into a liquid before mixing it with dry dog food.

Topical use

I like to use the oil on my skin. It helped as a temporary non-toxic insect repellant while I was in the tropics. I knew it would help with bug control on my dog’s short coat. He also received the regular flea control treatments.

My dog liked being brushed with a little of the coconut oil. I also rubbed a little oil on his nose occasionally. He liked it and licked his nose. He also enjoyed having me rub it on his foot pads.

Coconut meat

My travels in Central America brought me in contact with compassionate people who adopted feral street dogs. This included a women in El Salvador who had several female street dogs spayed. I remembered seeing her feeding pieces of coconut to one of her dogs. This was a street dog adopted as a puppy.

“Es bueno. Mi pero lo gusta,” explained Claudia, as she cut a piece of the white coconut meat out of the shell.

Her mixed breed dog looked happy and healthy with a shiny coat of several colors. Most street dogs in Latin American countries have mangy coats. This was an indication that coconut had benefits for dogs. I occasionally spoil my dog with K9 coconut treats that Amazon carries.

CocoTherapy’s raw coconut oil available through Amazon is one more food that can safely be given to dogs. It is always a good idea to check with your vet before introducing any new substance to your pet.

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