The 6 Best Professional-Level Dog Hair Clippers For Grooming [2017/2018]

Professional Grade Clippers Your Pet Will Love

Dog Getting Haircut With Clippers

There are a lot of options online and many of them are super cheap. We’ve read hundreds of reviews and dug deep into each company. Here’s the ones that you should consider.

Top 6 Best Professional Dog Clippers for Grooming in 2017

Name Ideal For…
#1. Andis Proclip AGC2 Clippers Affordable Professional Quality
#2. Wahl Arco Cordless Clippers Making Your Groomer Jealous
#3. Andis Power Groom+ Clippers Professional Dog Groomers And Show Work
#4. Oster A5 Clippers Shearing Water Buffalo
#5. Wahl Kennel Pro Clippers Breeders And Running A Small Kennel
#6. Andis Pro Clipper An At-Home Grooming ExperienceYou Will Love

Your choice of dog hair clippers is going to depend largely on what type of grooming you plan to do:  Do you plan to just touch up your dog once a month?  You can probably save a lot of money by choosing a less serious one. (like our #5 pick).

However, the best professional-grade dog clipper is going to make your job a lot easier. These tools are designed to make all-day trimming more pleasant for both the groomer and the dog.

Dog Hair Clipper Reviews:

Your dog deserves to be comfortable. Choosing a clipper that you personally enjoy using will make it easier for both you and he (or she!) to look forward to regular fur maintenance.

And when your pet looks great, you’ll feel great.

Just be careful or all of the neighbor dogs might start lining up for their turn.

 #1. Andis Proclip AGC2 Clipper Kit

This trimmer hasn’t always been in my number 1 spot.  However, after watching more and more of my readers choose this trimmer, I decided to look at it more closely.

While it isn’t everything the PowerGroom (reviewed below) is, it is everything you could ever want in a trimmer. You have 2 speeds (3,400 and 4,400 RPMs), giving you more speed than most professional groomers. professional.  Small dogs. Big dogs.  It does them all.  Matted, straight. It doesn’t matter, this trimmer can handle it.

Let’s make one thing clear: This is a professional trimmer.

It just has 3 fewer speed options than the next version up.

But you have everything you could want. It can trim small and large dogs. It can handle matted hair, curly hair, straight hair…

And it will do it all at a whisper.

Want to show your dogs? Just buy the extra blades! Planning on opening a salon? This will be the last one you ever need to buy.

What really won me over was how quiet these trimmers are.  This is especially nice if you are trimming sensitive areas that might make the dog jump.  These clippers are so quiet, that they are almost soothing.

The 2-speed motor gives you plenty of control and the anti-slip housing is gives you more confidence as you work.

The only complaint might be that the square design and size of these trimmers make them a little harder for people with small hands to enjoy. These trimmers are also on the heavy side, which is to be expected out of professional models.

ProTip: It comes with a finishing blade, but grab a skip-cut blade as well for getting started on the cuts. You’ll thank me later. 

Watch Andis In Action!

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#2. Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmers

purple Wahls Arco

Our first (and only!) cordless shear makes the list.

This one could easily steal the top position at any moment. I love everything about these shears.

There a few major wins with this shear. The first one is that it is extremely light. We’re talking about half the weight of the shears listed above. For people with small hands, these are the shears that you’ve been waiting for me to review.

I know that in our buyer’s guide I caution you against the short battery life of cordless. Well, with 80 minutes of cutting time, I think you will be ok. If you are using them professionally, you definitely want to pick up some extra battery packs.

The speed on these shears is also crazy: 5,500 SPM. That’s faster than even the Power Groom. If they made them in faster, I have a feeling we’d be breaking some sort of sound barrier.

Here’s the downside, these don’t like to be dropped. And, without the cord, it is easy to leave them lying so that they might get knocked off the table. You’ve got to guard these babies against gravity.

The 5-in-one blade is different, but for most of the cuts you do, it will more than handle them. You can even purchase a comb set separately, and then you will really be set for sweet looking styles (not important, of course, if you are working with curly hair pups).

By the same token, this isn’t the blade that you will want to use for intricate work such as on show dogs. For those types of jobs, you’ll be wanting to go back to something more along the lines of the Andis series.

Whether you are chasing the cat around the house to trim him, or carving your initial in your neighbor’s horse (not advisable), this trimmer is a favorite. You’ll be left wondering why you ever considered a heavy, clunky, corded trimmer in the first place.

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#3. Andis Power Groom Shears

I believe that this is the best, most professional clipper on this page.

With its powerful motor and 5 speeds, you have a groomer that can handle any job. It also is designed to run cool, so professional groomers can use it all day without running into overheating problems.

The speed range of this groomer is truly impressive.This clipper has just recently been re-introduced to the market with a motor that spins at 5,000 revolutions — 15% faster than before. It is also 10% faster than the Andis Excel.

In other words, there is top-of-the-line, and then there is this guy that comes in above them. I have heard of groomers handling 15 dogs per day with this model.

Even though it is so blazingly fast, care has been made to keep this as one of the quietest clippers on the market. If you have an anxious pet, this one is so quiet it might just put them to sleep.

Clear out a corner of the garage, you are about to go into business for yourself. Thanks to the power of internet shopping you can get the same quality professional hair clipper that all of the pros love.

The downside? You are looking at almost a pound of trimmer weight. That’s a solid workout. At least the vibrations are kept to a minimum, which makes this weight acceptable.

Just keep in mind that you will need to pick up the blades separately.  Just click the link below to look at the trimmer and price the blades you might need. I’m a big fan of a finishing cut.

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#4. Oster A5 Clippers

oster a5 trimming poodle's ear.

My grandma had an Oster blender. One day when the car wouldn’t start, we took the blender out and slapped it under the hood in place of the engine. Drove that way for 3 weeks…

I’m joking. But only a little bit.

Oster has a reputation for producing no-frills equipment that lasts. And that is exactly what you will find with this unit.

This means you have some drawbacks. For starters, this machine is heavy. I believe it is the heaviest unit I’ve reviewed at almost 2 pounds. If you want to build forearms, this one might do that for you.

Secondly, it seems as though this unit gets warmer than most of the ones we’ve reviewed. I thought maybe they had fixed this problem with the A6, but if they did, it wasn’t significant. Oster even goes so far as to produce a cooling spray you can use on the blades.

I’m certainly fine with you doing that, as it will probably be more comfortable for your pet, but I think it underscores the fact that these get warm.

The upside is that you could shave a water buffalo with these things. If you have a pet that constantly burns out your trimmers, then you should definitely give these a try.

Additionally, as we discussed in the buyer’s guide above, Oster seems to offer one of the better warranties.

And, if they don’t work out as shears, you might be able to use it to convert your car to electric. You never know.

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#5.  Wahl Professional Kennel Pro Kit

wahl kennel pro dog trimmer reviewThe pricing on this model makes it is a very attractive choice for the at-home groomer.

The thing I really like about the Wahl Kennel Pro is all of the anti-vibration and anti- rotation engineering that they have worked into the device to help prevent hand fatigue.

By the same token, I would be complaining if I had smaller hands because they are a little heavier and bulkier.  My hands are big enough that I find them easy to handle, but I imagine others find the size frustrating.

Despite their name, I would not choose these for professional practice.  Just a little too noisy and cumbersome for all-day use.  But for saving money at home they are an excellent well-built choice.

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#6. Pro Pet Clipper Kit in Storage Case

andis Pro Pet Clipper Kit in Storage Case review top pick for home useWe’re going to finish out this list with what I consider to be the top pick for the home groomer. As you will see in my reviews, the Andis is one of my favorite brands.  They simply know what it is that dog’s want, and then they deliver.

Quite. Quick. Durable. These attributes are true of all of the Andis clippers.

What I love about this kit is that you get a top-notch groomer that is going to be able to easily handle several groomings a month.  Plus, it comes with all of the guards and blades you will likely need to keep you from having to spend a huge amount to just get setup.

Plus, the quiet motor and variable speed motor gives you and your pet the confidence you need to do the grooming on your own.

It’s an incredible machine.

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Clipper Buyer’s Guide:

Poodle grooming at the salon for dogs

All too often, in a bid to be cost-conscious, owners end up with a  tool that is frustrating and unreliable. I personally recommend investing in more tool than you think you will need.This helps protect you and your dog and ensures a more enjoyable grooming experience.

If you pay $30 a grooming like I do, it only takes a few groomings for you to make your money back.

I think the best part about grooming your dog is the quality time you get to spend with your pet.

A lot of dogs are fearful of the groomers, and by you doing the job yourself, you can remove that fear factor. Plus, your dog will love all of the attention you are pouring out and it really strengthens the human-animal connection.

Finally, you can avoid the horror stories that occasionally crop up. Groomers are not certified in most states and are no more qualified to cut your pet’s hair than you are.


You’ll quickly notice that you can choose from either single speed or variable speed models

    • It’s a common misconception that using a higher speed gets the hair of more quickly. High speeds deliver a cleaner finish and means that you can use fewer passes. Unfortunately, they heat up. When you are clipping near skin, such as around the eyes or the sanitary areas,  you must use a lower speed to avoid burning your pet. However, having a high-speed blade can be useful for thicker fur.
    • Single speed clippers move at one speed — more slowly. This is key for avoiding blade overheating. It is common for novices to run their variable speed trimmers at full throttle and end up with a blade that is dangerously hot. This will get the job done, but you may have to use more patience and take the fur off in layers.

Grooming Should Be Effortless!

I want to make a special note that you should be able to easily move your clippers through your dog’s fur. Don’t apply excessive pressure. Doing so can cause the blades to dive close to the skin and nick you pet. A forced cut also leaves lines, giving you a rough, amateurish cut.

This is one reason why the right tools are necessary. The less you spend on your tools, the more you will need to invest in pa

Cordless Vs Corded

A lot of owners are immediately attracted to the cordless version.  Cordless gives you a lot more freedom of movement — but they are apt to not be as strong at the end of the cut as they are at the start.  This can be really frustrating. Their batteries tend to run out somewhere around the 1 hour mark.

So if you are doing a full groom job on your pet — and not just occasional touch ups — I would recommend going with a corded version.

Weight, Size, And Vibration

One of the key things is to keep in mind is the how easy they are to hold. Many of my readers have small hands and this becomes a critical concern.

You’ll see that I watch out for that below in my reviews.

Weight is also key. If you are trying to carefully navigate the tender folds of your pup’s inner thigh while one-handing a 2 pound vibrating dumbell.. things aren’t likely to go well.

By investing in a better product, you can often gain a lot in a small unit that won’t overheat.


Heat. Movement. Fur. Your dog’s natural oils.

All of these can shorten your trimmer’s lifespan.

Follow the owner’s guide to clean and re-oil your unit after every use, and they can last you for decades.


These are typically made — or at least sold by — the company who you purchase your clipper from.  They are designed for a variety of purposes such as “show edge” or “ultra edge”. Each one uses different metals and coatings depending on their intended use and desired price point.

  • Fine Tooth Vs Skip Tooth – Fine tooth blades (denoted with the letter “F” as in #7F) give the coat a more finished look and are best on fluffy hair. For dogs with matted hair or for breeds that have a thick undercoat, you will instead want to go with a skip-tooth blade.
  • Steel Vs CeramicEdgings – This refers to the material used for the blade. Carbon-infused steel gives you a harder blade that holds up longer. ceramic blades are supposed to stay even sharper and also resist heat to help the blade feel cooler and more comfortable during those longer sessions.  You also often see blades with titanium, silver, and chrome. Each of them touts different advantages.
  • Sizing – Blades come in different sizes, denoted by the “#” sign. A # 3 blade will leave about 1/2″ of the coat, where a #7/8 toe blade trims closer to 1/8″ of the skin and is ideal for the toes and feet. Your kit will likely come with at least one blade and multiple comb guards. This combination of comb guards and blades let you deliver the perfect cut every time.

Comb Guards

While many professionals do not use combs, they can be your secret weapon to delivering a professional cut on your first try.

Keep in mind that the hair absolutely must be clean and straight. Any knots and the comb will get caught up and pull your pet’s hair. If you have a curly breed, you might not be able to use the combs as much as a straighter breed could.

In those cases, you might want to invest more in your blades, as the cut becomes more dependent on the quality of your blade and your handling skills.

High-end chrome combs can also be purchased. If you find yourself using the comb guard frequently, you may decide to invest in that “extra”. upgrade.

What is The Best Brand?

Oster, Wahl and Andis.  These are the three brands that you are going to see mentioned the most.

All of them are top-notch, and all of them offer models that are used by professional groomers.

One of the things I like to look at is the Warranty. I’d encourage you to do your own research since there is nothing more frustrating than a bad customer service experience, but here is what I found regarding their warranties.

  • Oster – “Our one year limited warranty covers clippers against defects in material and workmanship. Please refer to the instruction manual for your product for detailed information or click here to contact us.” It is decidely harder to find information regarding what those “exclusions” are, than it is on some of the competition.
  • Wahl – “If your Wahl product fails to operate satisfactorily within the specified years (See package for the length of Warranty) from the date of original purchase or receipt as a gift, Wahl will, at our option, repair or replace it and return it to you FREE OF CHARGE. ” From my research, 5-year warranties seem pretty common.
  • Andis – “The warranty period begins from the date of purchase so be sure to retain your purchase receipt for verification. Please refer to the Use and Care pamphlet which is enclosed with your product for warranty specifics. Andis product is warranted against defective material or workmanship….The majority of clippers and trimmers can be repaired. However, depending on the price of the repair and shipping, it may make more sense to simply buy a new unit. ” So it looks like these guys might be a tad friendlier than Oster, but that pay to play model makes it easy to charge for stuff that should be free.

The good news is, all of the trimmers seem to work pretty well and hold up. After all, dog groomers couldn’t stay in business if they had to constantly purchase new trimmers. The Andis seem to have a wider variety of options, and the Wahl — as you can see above — seems to have one of the friendliest warranties.

Never fear, I’ve done the research and ranked the trimmers in the order that I would personally prefer to own them.

Can I Shave My Dog With Regular Human Hair Clippers?

Not really.  Dog clippers have more teeth per blade to keep the motor from having to work harder in the dog’s thicker coat.  In addition, the motors in the dog trimmers are stronger to handle the heavier cutting load.  They also have to have the requisite cooling to keep these stronger motors from overheating.

Your human clippers could probably make it through a couple of cuts before the blades dulled.  Even if you constantly use sharp blades, you run the risk of burning out the motor.

Even worse, you could more easily burn your dog as the motor gets overworked. And, unlike a human, your dog will have a difficult time saying “hey, these blades are getting overly warm, don’t you think?”

I saw someone trim a Shitzu  with a pair of human clippers. It took 4 hours and the clippers were ruined. Not to mention the poor pup was stressed out. But it was a rescue situation and we got them into a better spot where their skin could start relaxing from the mats.

Special Case Grooming

  • Thick Fur – I want to point out that you need to be cautious when working with breeds that have an undercoat. Dogs with a strong undercoat need to have an intense coat rake done every spring and then frequently combed throughout the month to help speed the shedding and keep them mat free.
  • Matted Fur – Matted fur is abuse. So if you are rehabbing a dog with a matted coat, I first want to say “Thank You”. These mats pull on the dog’s skin and create ulcerations. The first rule is to go gently. The second
    rule is to work slowly. On this first cut, we aren’t going for style. You won’t be using a comb guard on these cuts, so having a nice pair of ceramic blades can help you keep your blades cool during these long grooming sessions.
  • Poodles (and other curly haired dogs) – The big difference is that you may not be able to use a comb guard. For curly-haired breeds, you may choose to buy a longer guard to take the place of the guard. While you are at it, you might invest in a ceramic blade to help keep the tips cooler.

Overview: At Home Video Demonstration To Dog Grooming

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