Dogs By Nina $1,000 Dog Training Scholarship

Dogs By Nina $1,000 Dog Training Scholarship

Dogs By Nina $1,000 “Show And Tell” Scholarship

This Scholarship has ended. Thank you for your participation!

Awarded to any college student (graduate OR undergraduate) who has a pet they love.

How To Apply:

  1. Borrow a Friend and a Video Camera (a phone camera qualifies, too!!!)
  2. Borrow a pet (if you don’t have one).
  3. You and your pet  get on the camera and tell us about your favorite memories. Bonus points if your pet actually talks ! (Ok, so we’re kidding on this point. A talking pet might be creepy)
  4. Upload the Video to Youtube
    • Title the Video “Dog’s By Nina $1,000 “Show And Tell” Scholarship
    • Put a  link to in the description area.
    • Send us the link where we can watch your video to
      • Include: Your Name, College Name, College Year, Major, Email and Phone Numbers we can reach you at.

Ways To Get Bonus Points!

  • Be Proud! Prominently displaying your College’s emblem
  • Does your pet do tricks? We Love tricks!!!
  • Share Your Story! (likes, comments, shares, virality, etc)

By entering this competition, the Author, subjects and photo/video-grapher gives Nina and Company permission to use their essay, photo, screencaptures, video,  First name and last initial, course of study, and college where studying on and affiliated sites. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the video to make sure that all necessary permissions and waivers are secured, as applicable. Stealing copyrighted works will disqualify the applicant.

Thank you to all past applicants. Congrats to the ones who won! We’ll update this page with deadlines when we renew the scholarship.

International students are welcome to apply, however, we can ONLY mail the Award to a school address inside the UNITED STATES, on a military base, or on US territories.

High School Students are welcome to apply IF they will be in college during the Fall 2017 semester. Unfortunately we can’t hold the scholarship over from one year to the next, and we need to have sent it to the college by Fall of 2017.

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We will not sell your contact information email or use it for marketing purposes.

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