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As most pet owners who have attempted to regularly bathe their dogs in a standard bathroom bath tub have experienced, it can be rather difficult to get the job done without causing a gigantic mess.

Owning a pet grooming tub can be extremely helpful and convenient. The benefits include added safety since grooming tubs don’t have the rounded corners for dogs to slip on. The also help to eliminate distractions for your dog and offer better containment, reducing the chance that your dog will escape and get hurt.

Master Equipment Poly Pro Lift Grooming Tub

Master Equipmemnt PolyPro tubThe Poly Pro Lift Grooming Tub from Master Equipment is designed to make bath time enjoyable for your dog and easy and more convenient for you.

Designed for use with larger dogs, this tub is highly durable. This tub is built on top of an electric lift that allows you to lower it for easy loading and unloading and raise it for easier access to your dog for washing and drying.

This tub is resistant to both rust and tarnish and is constructed of high density plyethylene.

The foot operated lift allows easy, hands free lifting and lowering of your pet. For added safety for you pet, the basin is designed with a pop-up design on the front and bottom for foot grip to prevent slipping.

The door is removable and easily lifts up to allow your pet quickly entrance and exit. The tub includes a bottle holder that can accommodate up to four bottles and also comes with a grooming arm, 3 loops, accessories for hassle free draining and an elevated platform.

This tub is used by groomers all around the country and is likely the most affordable, best professional grooming tub.

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Master Equipment Everyday Pro Tub 48

Master Equipment Everyday TubThe Master Equipment Everyday Pro Tub is highly durable and are a very smart choice for in home or salon pet grooming.

This tub is made to last from resilient 16 gauge and 19 gauge zinc plated powder coated steel. It is designed with a stainless steel bottom panel that is rust resistant. This tub has been redesigned with stronger steel, high quality silicone and more rivets.

It has three plumbing holes that each measure one inch in diameter and it also comes with a predrilled drain hole that measures three and a quarter inches for disposing of bath water after the bath.

This design also included four separate u shaped restrain bolts so that you can attach a grooming loop for added security and safety while bathing your dog. A coordinating overhead cabinet can be purchased separately and added for additional storage space.

This tub is a truly great value and comes at an affordable price. It is sure to provide you with a great, enjoyable bathing experience that is also safe for your dog and convenient and easy for you.

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Booster Bath For Large Pets

Booster BathThe Booster Bath 3040 is a lightweight and portable tub that is designed to provide you with any easy to use option that will allow you to reach your dog more easily. This tub can be set up anywhere, like in the backyard, which can save your bathroom from getting soaked during bathtime.

It comes in two pieces that can be quickly and easily snapped together for set up. This tub allows access to your dog from all direction to make it easy for bathing and drying your pet. For draining the tub, simply attach the included drain hose to neatly and easily dispose of bathwater.

Designed for the larger breeds, this sturdy, durable tub is designed to accommodate dogs up to 150 lbs in weight. The basin of the tub measures 45 inches in length, by 21.25 inches in width and is 15 inches deep. The tub rests on its feet 19 inches off of the floor and the U shaped entrance makes loading and unloading your dog simple and effortless.

This is tub is a great value for the price.

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Booster Bath Grooming/ Washing Tub For Medium Pets

booster bath smallThis Booster Bath Grooming and Washing Tub is designed for medium sized pets. The tub itself weighs in at about 15 lbs making it lightweight and easy to handle.

It is portable and the two piece design snaps together easily for quick assembly. The basin sits about 23 inches off the floor and provides 360 degree accessibility making it easy to handle your dog during bath time.

This tub is extremely portable and convenient to use and will save not only your back but also your sanity. Keep your bathroom neat and tidy by setting this tub up outside where you can easily drain the bathwater using the included and easy to install drain tube.

The basin measures just over 16 inches in width and 33 inches in length. It is 10 inches deep and the entrance is designed in a convenient and easy to use U shape that measures 25 inches wide.

When assembled, the rim of the tub measures 32 inches from the ground. This tub is a wonderful addition for any bathing needs and is a great value for an affordable price.

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