Pet Flowbee for Dogs

Pet Flowbee for Dogs

Have you ever heard of a Flowbee® before?

If you haven’t, then you should go check out some videos on YouTube because they’re awesome. I’ve seen a ton of great stuff about them and the even cooler thing – there is a Flowbee® designed for pets too!


Okay, okay – I get it. You’ve never heard of a Flowbee® before. So let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

What is a Pet Flowbee®?

flowbeeA Flowbee® itself is a hair cutting tool that is designed as an attachment for your vacuum. Basically, you use the blade attachment for the length of cut you are looking for and then turn on your vacuum.

The suction will pull your hair towards the blades allowing a neat trip with no clean-up! I’m not sure how easy this would be with extremely long hair, but for short hairstyles, it could be a brilliant (and possibly fun) way to save a few bucks!

A Pet Flowbee® is designed specifically to be used on pet fur of varying lengths and types. You should be able to give any dog a neat and clean look with ease – as long as your dog isn’t terrified of it! (See “How effective is a Pet Flowbee®” below for more on this!)

Is it Different than a Regular Flowbee®?

For a while, there was a separate, Pet Flowbee® that was marketed. Weirdly enough, it never was a “Flowbee Intl.” product, and you could not buy replacement parts for it.

Not to mention, it has never been clear that there was any difference between the two machines.

These days people are using the “regular” Flowbee® on their pets with no problems and are loving how clean it is to use.

So, apparently, there is not much discernible difference.

How effective is a Pet Flowbee®?

flowbee1This is a very loaded question in my opinion – so I’ll break it down into a few different parts.

As far as effective at cutting a dog’s hair to the desired length, with a clean even look, then I would say the Pet Flowbee® does a good job. It is easy enough (and safe enough) that just about anyone can use it. It really is a wonderful device!

On the other hand – if your pet is afraid of the vacuum (or any other noisy appliances) then this is likely to scare your pet. They are likely to run and hide the minute they see you pull this out. All that can make for a traumatic event for your both you and your dog alike.

Another thing I want to mention is that some dog’s hair might just be too much for this device. For example a dog with lots of thick hair (like a “Lassie” dog) it may not be as effective as on say, a Yorkie with finer, thinner hair.

You may be able to get around that last issue by limiting the amount of fur you try to trim at once. There are a lot of mixed results and some of them do claim that their dog’s hair looked a little “choppy” after the trim. I think this could be avoided with a proper technique, however.

For example, it says to use an “up and down” motion so the hair gets sucked straight up into the vacuum. After you’ve gone over your whole pet and you have everything at a decent length, I would go over once again.

The second time around my suggestion would be to use it like a “comb” but go against the direction your dog’s fur grows. (Up from tail end to head.) This may help even out some of the “choppy” look that those reviews mentioned.

Is it Safe?

As with any grooming product (or product that comes with blades!) you need to be careful and follow all the instructions to get the best results.

For the Flowbee® this means to properly attach the blade attachment with spacers (to keep the blades away from your pets’ skin) and all.

From there using their described “up and down” motion is the best and safest way to use the Flowbee®. It’s really that simple – just follow the directions and everyone should be safe and happy with their new styling tool.

Would I use a Pet Flowbee®?

This is a tough one for me – mostly because of the thing I mentioned ineffectiveness. Currently, my pets would go running if I bought a vacuum near them, let alone if I were to turn it on. I would never be able to hold them down to get a chance at a good cut!

However, I did have a dog once who would roll over by the vacuum waiting for me to use it on him. He absolutely loved it! For him, I think a Flowbee® would have worked wonders.

So yes – if I were in a situation with a dog who would stand for it, I would absolutely give the Pet Flowbee® a shot!

Click Here to try a Flowbee®!!

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