Pet Flowbee for Dogs – Easier Way To Cut Their Hair?

The Flowbee is a hair cutting tool that is designed as an attachment for your vacuum.

Basically, you use the blade attachment for the length of cut you are looking for and then turn on your vacuum.

The suction pulls the hair towards the blades allowing a trim with no clean-up!

If you’re serious about grooming your dog, you might want to consider using professional clippers. Find out which is best here.

How Does It Work For Dogs?

At one point, there was a specific Pet Flowbee, however the machine was pretty much identical to a normal Flowbee.

Due to its patent, the Flowbee is only available from a single company (via Amazon).

So, the Flowbee works in much the same way as it does for humans.

As seen above, the system comes with a selection of lengths (from 1/2 inch to 6 inches). Along with a power adaptor, lubrications, and the main clipper attachment itself.

How Effective Is The Flowbee?

This is a very loaded question in my opinion – so I’ll break it down into a few different parts.

As far as cutting a dog’s hair to the desired length, with a clean even look, then I would say the Flowbee does a good job.

It is easy enough (and safe enough) that just about anyone can use it.

However, if your pet is afraid of the vacuum (or any other noisy appliances) then this is likely to scare your pet.

They are likely to run and hide the minute they see you pull this out. All that can make for a traumatic event for your both you and your dog alike.

Thick Coat?

Some dog’s hair might be too much for this device. A dog with lots of thick hair (such as a Rough Collie like ‘Lassie’) may be much more difficult than a Yorkie with finer, thinner hair.

You might get around that by limiting the amount of fur you trim in one session.

There are a lot of mixed results and some reviewers claim their dog’s hair looked a little “choppy” after the trim. This could be in their technique.

How to Use It

It says to use an “up and down” motion so the hair gets sucked straight up into the vacuum.

However, after you’ve gone over your pet and you have everything at a decent length, I would go over once again.

This time use it like a “comb” but go against the direction your dog’s fur grows. (Up from tail end to head.) This may help even out some of the “choppy” look that those reviews mentioned.

Is it Safe?

As with any grooming product (or product that comes with blades!) you need to be careful and follow all the instructions to get the best results.

For the Flowbee this means to properly attach the blade attachment with spacers (to keep the blades away from your pets’ skin).

From there using their described “up and down” motion is the best and safest way to use the Flowbee.

Would I Use a Pet Flowbee?

This is a tough one for me – mostly because of the thing I mentioned ineffectiveness. Currently, my pets would go running if I bought a vacuum near them, let alone if I were to turn it on.

I would never be able to hold them down to get a chance at a good cut!

However, I did have a dog once who would roll over by the vacuum waiting for me to use it on him. He loved it! For him, I think a Flowbee would have worked wonders.

If I were in a situation with a dog who would stand for it, I would give the Pet Flowbee a shot.