NexGard Reviews: All Your Questions Answered

NexGard Reviews: All Your Questions Answered

While some geographical locations only have to deal with fleas for the summer months, warmer climates will have to manage them all year round.

Flea control is an issue that all dog owners are faced with at some point or another.

This means that you are sure to be looking for not only the best product but also one your dog will tolerate. Many dogs do not care for sitting still while you put a topical treatment on their back. Or they might jump in a pool right after, making that treatment a total waste…

There is now a solution to this problem and it’s called NexGard!

What is NexGard?

NexGard is a chewable tablet that will kill 100% of fleas in 24 hours. This beef flavored soft chew is one of the first of its kind and much preferred by both dogs and owners.

Why make your dog sit still for flea treatment when you can give him a “treat” and be done with it?

This tablet formula was created by the same company that produces Frontline Plus – which is one of the most recommended and recognized brands of flea control medication around!

It’s definitely a product you can feel safe giving your dog – however you do need a prescription to get ahold of this awesome new flea control treatment.

The medication will actively kill fleas throughout the month and will kill all live fleas on your dog within 24 hours! It works by attacking the fleas’ central nervous system and they will start dropping like flies within hours.

The idea is that you are killing all the fleas before they are able to lay eggs. This will prevent you from having to deal with a large infestation. If any eggs were laid prior to taking the medication, the fleas will die almost immediately after hatching so you don’t have to worry about that!

How do you use NexGard?

Using NexGard is simple – all you have to do is feed it to your dog like a treat! Compared to other “beef flavored chew medications” it seems that dogs prefer NexGard and are more likely to eat it without you having to trick them!

This is especially good for people who have picky dogs – or ones who are smart enough to find the pill hidden in that piece of cheese. According to NexGard’s website, 89% of dogs will eat the NexGard chew without hesitation.

NexGard is made in different strengths for different sized dogs. Your vet will be able to help you in making sure your dog is administered the proper dosage. For larger dogs (over 120lbs) you may need to administer the proper combination of tablets to ensure it is effective.

How long is it effective?

The medication is absorbed into your dog’s bloodstream and is released throughout the month to protect against fleas for a full 30 days! Just as effective as any topical flea solution, NexGard is making many pets and pet parents happy with a simpler solution.

Don’t worry if after the first 24 hours your dog is still itching. After 24 hours all the fleas on your dog will be dead, that’s for sure.

The continued itching is due to the flea bites that your dog already has and it will stop within a day or two.

Overall, NexGard is extremely effective against both fleas and ticks, making it the best choice in oral chew medications for flea control. The best part is it is safe to use on puppies 8 weeks of age and older or dogs weighing 4lbs or more.

If you are looking for an alternative to spot-on treatments you can use this and be confident it will be just as effective as products like Frontline.

Are there any Side Effects?

While side effects are extremely rare there are some cases where side effects occur. The most common side effects in dogs are vomiting, lack of appetite and dry or flaky skin. If any of these symptoms persist, then you should contact your vet immediately.

What about Benefits?

One of the main benefits of this oral medication is that it is so easy to treat your dog. Simply give them the chew once a month and be sure to administer on the same day each month. This will ensure your dog is continuously protected from both fleas and ticks.

Speaking of which, this is one of the very few oral medications that fight off both fleas and ticks! Most oral chew tablets like this only protect your dog against fleas – but in some areas that is simply not enough!

It is important that your dog is protected from all the dangers of bugs – which is why it’s so great that this medication can be taken alongside any other medications and preventatives (for example Heartgard and NexGard can be taken together).

Bravecto VS NexGard

There are always options out there, no matter what you are looking for. With NexGard being one of the newer medications on the market it is no surprise that Bravecto popped up not too long after it.

If your vet has given you the option between the two and is leaving the decision up to you, here’s what you need to know…

While they both fight against fleas and ticks and are both an oral medication the duration they are effective is vastly different.

Bravecto is effective for 8-12 weeks (8 weeks for lone star ticks, 12 weeks for other ticks and fleas), while NexGard is effective for only 30 days.

Bravecto cannot be used on dogs under 6 months of age or under 4.4lbs while the latter can be used after 8 weeks of age or dogs 4lbs or more. This can mean your dog may not be able to take Bravecto anyway.

Between the two, dogs taking Bravecto are 2% more likely to suffer from side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

If you are making the decision between the two, I personally would go with NexGard, even though you can give the medication less often with Bravecto.

When it comes down to it, there are new flea control methods popping up all the time and your vet is going to be the one to ask when switching your dog’s medications. They will be able to advise you on which product they would trust with their own dog.

If you have already been using a topical, spot-on flea treatment you should switch the medication on the day you would have applied the next dose of the old treatment. This will help to prevent an infestation during the switch.
The advancement of topical treatment to oral chews that your dog simply thinks is a treat is amazing.

Some dogs may figure out its medicine, but overall, most dogs are happy to take the “treat” without question, making this a great option for dog owners everywhere!

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