Myth or Truth: Like Dog, Like Owner

Myth or Truth: Like Dog, Like Owner

It is really true? Do dogs look like their owners? Is there some kind of subtle unconscious bias when choosing your new pet, that makes you choose one that just so happens to be your mini-me?

Humans can develop extraordinarily close bonds with our pets. So much so that there may be strange parallels with choosing one that looks like us.

Research Shows it’s True

Research conducted by Michael Roy at the University of California found that people who had no connection to the dog or owner could successfully pick out photos of dogs and owners which belonged together. This was done with astounding accuracy.

They also found that women with long hair are more likely to have a pooch with long flappy ears (resembling hair).

Eye shape also had a lot to do with individuals matching dog with owner.

Research shows that dog owners and their pets have similar eye shape. When the eyes of the dogs and owners were covered there was less accuracy of matches. Accuracy of matches reduced to a chance level of around 50%.

It may have to do with our genes

Research has shown that people often choose to date someone that happens to look like them. So could this way of how humans find mates be the same in dogs?

Humans did this to ensure that mates were compatible and that their offspring would be as healthy as it could be.

We also tend to be drawn to people with similar personalities as us. This may be the same way we choose our dogs.

Humans and Dogs

Isn’t it amazing how our precious pooches were once wolves? Humans began domesticating dogs as early as 30,000 years ago and in that time as many as 340 dog breeds have emerged.

These dogs have adapted to our varying ways of living and developed a strong emotional bond with us.

Dogs reflect our looks in a way that can no longer be called coincidental. They truly do look like us.

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