Mupirocin for Dogs

Your dog can pick up a bacterial infection from something as simple as a cut.

While some infections can heal themselves, there situations where a topical anti-bacterial ointment is required.

What is Mupirocin and Why Is It Prescribed?

Mupirocin is an antibiotic ointment that is used to combat bacterial infections, most common strains of Staphylococcus (aureus and intermedius).

Infections may come from:

  • Pyoderma (“hot spots”)
  • Itchy and painful skin lesions
  • Cuts

This medication kills the bacteria and infection before it can spread to other parts of your dog’s body. This medication is FDA approved for use in dogs and requires a veterinary prescription

Treatments using this medication should never exceed 30 days in duration. There have been cases of Mupirocin resistance in some infections, so make sure you follow instructions.

How Much Should I Give My Dog?

This medication is easy to use topical treatment. Smear a little onto the affected area of skin.

If your dog has been in pain, your vet may also prescribe pain treatment.

How Can I Keep My Dog From Licking It Off?

Depending on where your dog’s wound is located you may be worried about them licking the ointment off. As the ointment should not be ingested it is important that you find a way to keep your dog from licking it.

  • You can try covering it with a cloth such as a bandana if your dog will not be able to get it off.
  • The cone… no one wants to see it –  but it’s for their own good!

Are There Any Side Effects?

Side effects are generally limited to a skin reaction – or possible allergic reaction if the dog is allergic to the active ingredient. Fortunately, both side effects are highly unlikely to be a problem when used for only the prescribed amount of time.

Aside from these side effects, there are no other listed side effects, however, if your dog changes behavior suddenly while on this medication you should consult your vet.

Common FAQs about Mupirocin

Can it be given more than 2X per day?

The frequency of treatment will be determined by your vet based on your pet’s condition.

While it is recommended to be used twice per day it can be safely used as often as your vet prescribes.

What if my dog licked it off before I could stop him?

If your dog licked off the ointment you should watch for any side effects and consult with your veterinarian.

While in most cases ingesting a small amount will not be harmful, it really depends on how much was ingested and the size of your dog.

What if it gets in my dog’s eyes?

In the event that the infection site is near your dog’s eyes, this can be a real worry.

If the ointment gets into your dog’s eyes then you should consult with your vet right away and try to rinse your dog’s eyes with cool water or a saline solution.

Mupirocin is an affordable treatment, available online (with a prescription).