Mirtazapine For Dogs

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What Is Mirtazapine?

Veterinarians prescribe mirtazapine for problems with dogs that are suffering from a loss of appetite. It is a tricyclic anti-depressant that works well for helping pet owners with dogs that are not eating properly.

It is most commonly used for dogs that refuse to eat. When a dog is experiencing anorexia, vomiting or nausea, the drug can be used as a long-term treatment in order to help the dog get back to a normal eating pattern.

Important Information To Know About Using Mirtazapine For Dogs

This medication is an anti-depressant. If the dog is taken off the drug abruptly, it can cause the dog problems. The animal needs to be weaned off of it over a period of time. A veterinarian will know the correct time limitations.

What Dosage Should A Dog Be Give Of The Drug Mirtazapine?

The dosage for taking the drug depends on the size and type of dog that is taking it. It will also matter what the dog is being treated for when the drug is being prescribed. Administration is once per day in 3.75 – 30 mg.

Where Can A Pet Owner Find Mirtazapine For Their Dog?

Pharmacies will supply the drug, most veterinarian’s will supply it, and you can purchase it from online sellers such as 1-800-Pet-Meds. The price may vary depending on which place a pet owner purchases the mirtazapine from.

How Is The Drug Mirtazapine Taken By A Dog?

There are two different formulations of the drug mirtazapine. Either type may be prescribed for the dog by the veterinarian, and they are as an oral or topical formulation.

The oral formulation, which is the most commonly used for dogs once a day.

A topical formulation can be used if it is preferred by the dog owner also once a day.

Precautions For Pet Owners To Know When A Dog Is Taking Mirtazapine

A pet owner wants to make sure they don’t give the drug to a dog that is allergic to mirtazapine. If the dog is taking other medications, the pet owner should watch them closely. It may interact with other drugs like tramodal so this need to be watched.

Side Effects For Dogs That Take Mirtazapine

There are some side effects that can happen to dogs when they are taking the medicine.

The side effects can include increased heart rate, low blood pressure, drowsiness and sedation. It is taken well by many different dogs without problems.

Swelling of the lips or face, hives or breathing difficulties are an allergic reaction from the dog when it is taking mirtazapine.

In these cases, the veterinarian should be contacted immediately to explain the symptoms in the dog so care can be give.

When using the mirtazapine or tramadol, it is important that a pet owner stay in touch with the veterinarian. The veterinarian will know when the dog is getting better and other information that the pet owner needs to know in order to keep it well.

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