Blue Buffalo vs Wellness Dog Food Comparison

The Blue Buffalo brand was developed by Bill and Jackie Bishop, owners of an Airedale name Blue, among many other pets.

Due to Blue’s many health struggles, the Bishops decided to develop their own brand of dog food. Their efforts resulted in the Blue Buffalo brand which seeks to provide dogs with a food that contains healthy and holistic ingredients.

The Blue Buffalo brand uses real ingredients such as fish, chicken, and lamb along with whole grains, fruit, and fresh vegetables.

Blue Buffalo Consumer Reviews

in 2017 Blue Buffalo issued a voluntary recall of a single product due to “elevated levels of naturally-occurring beef thyroid hormones”.

However there have been no complaints resulting from consumption of the product (Red Meat Dinner Wet Food).

Overall, consumers leave reviews the Blue Buffalo brand that is, for the most part, positive and it is considered to be one of the higher quality foods on the market.

The general opinion seems to be that in light of the voluntary recall, Blue Buffalo does  care about the health of their consumers more than they do about profit.

Despite the generally positive reviews concerning Blue Buffalo:

  1. There are customers  who claim that the products are the cause of sudden health issue in their pets.
  2. Unfortunately, there will always be someone who has a bad experience, and there is never going to be one product that works for every single consumer.
  3. Most dogs seem to be able to do well on the Blue Buffalo products, either after making a gradual switch or having been on them since puppyhood.

In some cases, certain dogs with highly sensitive digestive systems might need a different or more specialized diet.

Pricing and Availability

Blue Buffalo dog food products are available, not only directly from the Blue Buffalo company, but also through a variety of retailers, both online and in store.

Wellness Dog Food

Wellness started with simple oven-baked dog biscuits, produced by a small company called Old Mother Hubbard. Previous to Old Mother Hubbard’s official establishment in 1926, the company was a bakery known as A. Hubbard and Sons bakery in Massachusetts.

A. Hubbard and Sons were  known for a hard tack sea biscuit that they made and sold to the local sailors. A local sailor tossed one of his sea biscuits to his dog, who (unsurprisingly) gobbled it up.

Hubbard and Sons (now Old Mother Hubbard), began making dog biscuits and their distribution eventually spread throughout the entire Northeast.

In the 1990’s the company sought nutrition experts, scientists and veterinarians to help develop a dog food that would improve the pet food industry.

Old Mother Hubbard was merged with Eagle Pack Pet Foods and the result was WellPet, a company whose focus is to provide pets with a healthy food source that is made of only whole foods and does not contain artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, wheat, soy or corn.

Wellness Consumer Reviews

There have been a couple recalls, including one in 2017 (for the same reasons as Blue Buffalo),

Price aside, Wellness is considered to be a desirable and high-quality dog food and consumers have rated it very highly.

Very few consumers report issues with food allergies and most are satisfied that their dog’s overall health improves.

Wellness seems to be a favorite among pet nutritional experts. Many have rated it as one of the most desirable formulas for optimal canine nutrition. It can be found in many different top ten dog food lists and has received a stamp of approval from the Whole Dog Journal.

Pricing and Availability

Wellness is more expensive.. Despite the required investment, however, Wellness seems to garner some loyalty from their customers.

The Wellness range is available at most online retailers, as well as in store.

Which One is Best?

Both Blue Buffalo and Wellness dog foods are considered to be among the best dog foods available, however, ratings seem to indicate that Wellness is at least slightly better received than Blue Buffalo.

Based on these ratings, it is highly recommended that dog owners try out dog food from the Wellness brand.

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