Best Pet Strollers

Best Pet Strollers

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Pet strollers are increasing in popularity and it’s likely that you’ve seen at least one or two by now. You may have wondered why someone had their pet in a stroller – after all, dogs need to walk for exercise, right?

If that was your first thought you are not alone. However many people have given out several valid reasons that you may want a pet stroller. They are far more useful than it may seem and it’s truly not aimed at making your pet lazy in the least!

Benefits of a Pet Stroller

Having a pet stroller at the vets office not only makes getting to and from easier but it gives the dog a safe place to be in the waiting room. It also makes transporting multiple dogs (or a litter of pups) much easier than if you had a large crate or each dog on a leash.

Another reason they are great for vet trips is simply that with a traditional carrier you can strain your back trying to carry your dog around. With a stroller you can simply push your dog(s) along and both of you will be happier for it!

Some owners have also found that having dogs of different sizes a stroller comes in handy on long walks. While your big ole German shepherd is more than happy to walk for 45 minutes it is likely the dachshund will not be trilled for that long.

Having a stroller allows you to finish walking the larger dog while allowing your smaller dog to still come along for the adventure. When the smaller dog gets tired they can just relax in the stroller the rest of the way.

Some people just like the stroller for the fact that more and more stores and restaurants are allowing dogs inside with their owners. With your dog in a stroller you are almost never going to be turned down when trying to go inside somewhere as you might be with a leashed dog.

The last main reason you may benefit from a pet stroller is if you have an injured or senior pet. If your pet cannot get around as easily as they used to then they will love a stroller. It will get them outside into the sun and fresh air without hurting or tiring them out!

There are many different types of strollers – ones meant for short walks and jogs and some that are “all-terrain” and are perfect for taking on camping trips or the like.

BestPet Pink Sporty Jogger Pet Stroller

This pet stroller has many great features to offer. It comes in several different colors so whether you have a boy dog or a girl dog (or just want an out-there shade) there is a perfect colored stroller for your dog to enjoy.

Along with the wide array of color choices one of the biggest benefits to this stroller is the three wheels. Rather than having inflatable wheels they are made of a rubber material that will not puncture or anything like that. You can take it over almost any terrain with ease.

On a regular sidewalk this stroller seems to glide along according to reviewers. They said even with the dog inside they were able to move it with just the push of a finger – that’s pretty impressive!

The stroller is meant for 1-3 smaller dogs or one medium sized dog. When you get multiple dogs in there it may be a snug fit but overall it works fine for one or multi-dog homes.

There are also two mesh windows (one in the front wall of the basket and one larger window on the part that folds down) that allow your dog a cool breeze and a chance to see where you are going as you embark on your adventures.

You will also find that this stroller provides ample storage space for all the doggy necessities (waste bags, sanitary wipes, water bowl, water bottles, etc.) as well as a cup holder for your enjoyment!

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All Terrain Extra Wide Leopard Skin 3 wheel Pet Stroller w/Rain Cover

Another stroller that is meant for use literally anywhere and everywhere this leopard skin stroller is one of the best-selling pet strollers on Amazon. It offers a large basket area that can easily fit two smaller dogs (or more depending on just how small we’re talking).

This stroller is easy to assemble and folds up just like a toddler stroller for easy storage. It has mesh windows all around so your pet can always see what is going on around him – and it helps keep them cool at the same time.

You will also find a convenient storage basket at the bottom for you to keep all the important things you need when heading out for the day. Even better is you have two cup holders that are conveniently removable if you do not need or desire to have them.

One of the bonuses on this item is the fact that it can be entered from the front or the rear – which can be greatly convenient when at places like the vets office. You can have the stroller facing you normally but be able to open the back and comfort your pet.

The last thing you should know about this stroller is that it comes with a rain cover – something the first stroller did not have. This will keep the stroller and the pet both dry in the event you get caught in a down pour.

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Classic Blue 4 Wheel Pet Stroller with Rain Cover

Similar to the previous two this stroller has many great qualities. It comes with a rain cover just like the previous stroller and it has multiple mesh windows for your dog to see out of while out walking. It offers plenty of space for a small to medium sized dog to relax.

There should be enough room in the stroller for your dog to easily sit up, stand up or lay down. You should also be able to fit at least two smaller sized (under say 10lbs) in here with no problem at all.

The biggest difference between the other strollers and this one is the fact that this stroller has 4 wheels and not 3. The three wheels can make it easier to maneuver – especially while jogging or running when you have to turn a corner.

On the other hand the four wheels are fine for an easy walk or trip to the vet so it may not be a big deal to you. This stroller comes with a similar amount of space underneath as well as cup holders for your convenience.

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If you have been considering a stroller for your pet then you will be happy to know that all three of these are affordable and well-built pet strollers with everything you should need. From there it is truly down to preference as well as the dog(s) you are purchasing it for.

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