Best Flea Prevention For Dogs

Best Flea Prevention For Dogs

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With such a wide array of option available on the market currently, it can be somewhat overwhelming to figure out which treatment will be the best and most effective for you and your beloved pet.

Below we will discuss several options that are worthy of recommendation that will hopefully make your job easier and result in quick and effective relief for your pup.

Capstar Reviews

Capstar is a fact acting flea treatment that is effective within 30 minutes after application.

This treatment comes in the form of a safe oral treatment that is designed to work with just one dose.

However, if for any reason, you feel that more is needed, it is safe to give your pet one additional dose per day.

The oral form of this treatment provides you and your pet with an easy, mess free and odorless way to administer relief to your pet.

The effectiveness of the treatment is enhanced through the oral dose because it cannot rub, wear or wash off with time or activity.

As long as your dog or cat is 4 weeks or older and weighs more than 2 lbs, Capstar is an effective option. It is also safe to administer the treatment to pregnant and/or nursing pets.

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Advantage II Reviews

As a topical treatment, Advantage II for dogs is an easy monthly treatment that is garaunteed to be effective in killing and preventing new fleas for up to a month.

Designed to be used on adult dogs or pups of 7 weeks or older who weight 3 pounds or more, it kills fleas on contact.

Advantage II works effectively by using a insect growth regulator along with an adulticide to kill off adult fleas and prevent new eggs from hatching.

Furthermore, fleas don’t have to bite in order to be effected by the treatment. The formula eliminates fleas in all stages of life and is even effective in getting rid of lice.

Advantage II is waterproof and guaranteed to kill off existing adult fleas within the first 12 hours after application, and within 2 hours will eliminate reinfesting fleas.

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Seresto Tick Collars Review

For a longer term approach and an alternative to topical or oral treatments, Serest Tick Collars offer an innovative delivery system that is safe to use on both dogs and cats.

These collars are only for use on cats who are 10 weeks of age or older, small dogs up to 18 lbs who are 7 weeks or older and large dogs over 18 lbs who are also 7 weeks of age or older.

Seresto collars are extremely easy to use and are a great odorless and non greasy option for effectively treating and repelling fleas and ticks.

The active ingredients in this system are Imdiacloprid and Flumethrin which work in conjunction to provide your pet with a double dose of effectiveness. Seresto is the only treatment currently on the market that uses this unique combination of ingredients.

Seresto works by repeatedly releasing a fresh, low concentrated dose of treatment in a timed monthly application. The formula spreads from the application site over the surface of the skin to reach all pests.

Seresto collars are water resistant and convenient to leave on your pets at all times. In order to ensure that collars last for the intended 8 month period, be sure to only give our dog one bath a month. If your dog is a swimmer and likes to take a dip more than once per month, expect a life span on the collars of closer to 5 months.

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For Dogs with Epilepsy

For dogs that deal with epilepsy, there is always the concern of environmental factors increasing the chances of seizures.

This is especially true when it comes to medications and pesticides that contain harsh chemicals.

Many of the popular brands that are safe on dogs that don’t suffer with chronic issues, can in fact be dangerous for dogs that have epilepsy. These include flea treatments such as Advantage and Program.

Safer options include Filaribits, Interceptor and Frontline Top Spot. More natural medications are also available and it is always best to consult with your veterinary while searching for the right treatment to try on an epileptic dog.

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