4 Best Dog Grooming Tables in 2020

Best Dog Grooming Tables

One of the many responsibilities of a pet owner is that of keeping your beloved pet properly and regularly groomed.

This contributes to their overall health, physical comfort and emotional wellbeing.

The unfortunate truth, however, is that grooming is pricey.

A regular visit to a professional groomer can add up fast. One of the ways to keep the costs of pet maintenance down is by grooming yourself.

The most convenient method for achieving a successful home grooming experience for you and your pet is by using legitimate dog grooming table.

With the typical costs of grooming visits ranging somewhere between $50-$100 per visit, a table will pay for itself rather quickly and the convenience and lowered stress levels that a table affords are worth their pretty price.

Below are several grooming table options that are worthy of recommendation. Also check out our recommended grooming stations here!

1. Shelandy Professional Pet Grooming Table

The Shelandy offers the best affordable option for all dog sizes.

Measuring at 31.5×19.5 inches, it allows up to 200 lbs (you’d need a massive dog to beat that).

It offers a height adjustable arm, that has two different leashes so you can secure your dog on the collar as well as along the body.

It folds down quickly for storage and has a non-slip surface that can easily be wiped down after use.

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2. Go Pet Club Grooming Table

The Go Pet Club Grooming Table is a good budget option for in-home grooming.

If you are searching for something more portable – with its goal post style legs, this table allows you to easily fold it up for more convenient storage or transportation.

Stability is not lost but rather enhanced in this portable design. The rubber capped feet also provide an added level of stability.

The height of the grooming arm on this table is adjustable up to 40 inches in height to suit your specific needs. A leash loop is also included that attaches to the top of the table with a secure clamp.

This table features a waterproof top layer along with an edging of a deluxe aluminum alloy. These materials help to ensure that moisture is not absorbed which would cause the wood underneath to warp with time and use.

The pebbled non-slip surface ensures the safety of your pet while grooming. Designed with static free materials, this table is easy to clean and maintain.

(Available at Amazon)

3. Master Equipment Small Pet Grooming Table

Owners of smaller pets will find this Master Equipment table to be an excellent choice for in-home grooming sessions. This little table top is easily mounted on any flat surface and comes with rubber feet to keep it securely in place during use.

The surface of this grooming table measures 18 inches in diameter and is non slip and  easy to clean and maintain. Included is an adjustable square tube grooming arm that easily adjusts from 16¼ inches to 23-1/2 inches in height to meet your specific grooming needs.

This table is highly convenient due to the rotation feature which turns your pet, hands-free, while you work saving you valuable time and steps.

Portable and easy to store, this table is a must for those looking for an affordable, low maintenance and convenient option for their in-home grooming endeavors.

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4. Happybuy Hydraulic Grooming Table

No list would be complete without a hydraulic table.

These tables cost more ($200-300) due to the ease of their foot-operated hydraulic z-shaped arms. The hydraulics allow smooth and effortless movement to make the grooming process easier.

To work under the dogs body, raise the table. To work on the top of the dogs coat, just let the table come down.

Note that there are electric grooming tables (but you can expect to pay $600-$2000).

(Available at Amazon)

Make sure you get a decent set of clippers – they are just as important as a grooming table. See our round up of clippers here.

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