Best Dog Foods For Rottweilers

Best Dog Foods For Rottweilers

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The Rottweiler is arguably the most fierce dog breed available. It can easily be termed the “Lion King” among various dog breeds. Rottweilers are known for their characteristic stumpy tails and unmistakable trot. The Rottweiler is the ultimate combination of a best friend and a guard dog.

A balanced nutritious diet is essential is essential to keeping your Rottweiler healthy and happy. This means that you need to pay keen attention to what and when your dog eats.

Canned Vs Dry Food For Your Rottweiler?

Most dog owners are often at a loss on whether to go for canned dog food or to stick to dry foods. Dog owners often rely on their previous pet experiences and the prevailing trend among other dog owners to reach this decision.

However, a better way to reach this decision is to weigh the pros and cons of each option.

Canned food is preferable for the older Rottweilers and those suffering from various health conditions (such as weak teeth and misaligned jaws) due to the rich scent and that it is often easier to chew.

As your Rottweiler gets older, he or she loses the superior sense of smell associated with these canines. The dog may therefore not find food as appealing as it used to and this can have a negative impact on his or her eating habits.

Dry dog food products are advantageous in the sense that they are free of preservatives, which gives them a longer shelf life. You can simply fill your dog’s bowl and leave the food in the open without having to worry that it will go bad.

Best Food Products For Your Rottweiler

It may not be possible to discuss all dog food products in a single sitting. However, I will discuss a few of the most common food products for Rotties.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

wellnessWellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food is made for the large-size Rottweiler. It contains several natural components including turkey, chicken, vegetables and fruits.

In addition to this, the food formula contains a blend of flax omega and fish. These are both important for a healthy skin and coat on the Rottweiler.

The main advantage of the Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food formula is that it is free of artificial preservatives, colours and flavors.

Availability of large kibble sizes is also an advantageous as it makes it easier for larger breed Rottweilers to enjoy their meal.

However, the large kibble sizes can also be disadvantageous. Your Rottweiler can easily choke on his or her food, especially when eating quickly. You can prevent this by investing in an appropriately designed dog feeding bowl that will force the Rottweiler to slow down the pace during meal times.

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Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Dog Food

purinaThe Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Dog Food is perhaps my favorite product for hungry Rottweilers. This is mainly because this product is protein-rich by virtue of having chicken as it dominant ingredient.

A high level of proteins is essential for your dog’s muscle conditioning.

The average kibble size for this product is comparable to the size of a vanilla wafer, which is a good thing as this is an ideal size.

The small amount of fat (12%) contained in this product is my reason for having it on my favourite list. The low fat content serves to maintain the ideal weight of your Rottweiler.

On the down side, the Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Dog Food is relatively high in calories and can easily earn you an overweight Rottweiler.

However, you will not have to worry about this if you stick to the recommended proportions.

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Natural Balance Lamb Meal and Dry Rice Formula

The Natural Balance Lamb Meal and Dry Rice Formula is also a great product for Rottweilers.

This dry food dog product has lamb meat as its main ingredient. This makes for a break from the norm as most dog food products contain chicken.

Compared to other dry dog food products, the Natural Balance Lamb and Dry Rice formula is slightly more expensive. This is seen as a disadvantage by a large number of dog owners.

However, if you love your Rottweiler as much as I love my Butler, you will not feel the pinch of paying extra for a higher quality product.

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Human Treats For Your Rottweiler

Many dog owners enjoy sharing human food with their canine best friends. As such I am compelled to discuss the human treats that will not poison your Rottweiler.

Peanut butter is number one on this list. Dogs can comfortably consume peanut butter without you having to worry about its safety. However, the dog owner needs to see to it that his or her dog only gets small portions of this treat.

This is because regular peanut butter is has a high fat content and is calorie-rich. It is also advisable to ensure that peanut butter fed to your rotties is natural and free of chemical preservatives, added salt and sugar.

Your Rottweiler can also enjoy a majority of the fruits and vegetables that you relish. Healthy vegetables for your dog include carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, asparagus, green beans and pumpkins.

Pumpkins are especially great for Rottweilers suffering constipation or diarrhoea and those that generally have sensitive stomachs. The fibrous nature of pumpkins helps with absorption of water which helps to relieve stomach upsets.

Healthy fruits for your Rottweiler include cranberries, bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe and apples. Apples are particular good thanks to their high concentration of antioxidants. They also contain pectin fibre which helps to eliminate toxins in the dogs’ intestines by creating short-chain fatty acids.

By the same token, there are certain fruits and vegetables which should never find their way into your Rottweiler’s food bowl. These include garlic, raisins, onions, and dog grapes.

These mentioned fruits and vegetables are all poisonous to your four-legged friend and can cause serious allergic reactions and a wide range of dog health complications. As a rule of thumb, you should not feed your dog any fruit or vegetable whose safety you’re not sure of.

There is no shortcut to having a healthy and happy Rottweiler. The more serious you take your Rottweiler’s nutrition, the healthier and happier you can expect him or her to be.

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