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Best Dog Foods For Pitbulls

Pitbulls are a hardy breed. they’ll “survive” on just about anything you throw at them.

But that’s not what you want.  You want your dearie to thrive. To get strong. Huge, even. Meaty. That beautiful, muscle-bound strength that speaks of boundless power.

Only the best will do.

NameApprox. Percent Protein
Orijen Adult32%
Taste Of The Wild 36%
Blue Wilderness36%
Trophy DyneUnknown
Taste of The Wild SalmonUnknown

The Problem With Most Dog Foods

Most dog foods today use corn, wheat and potatoes as “fillers”.  Sure, they may list Chicken as the first ingredient, but by the time they dry, chop and mix that chicken in, it may only be 10% of the bags volume by weight.

(Weighing it wet and the mixing it in dry is a dirty, dirty trick)

The foods presented here use a lot of meal and whole meats to deliver a much higher meat concentration.  This may require more money, but, in the end, it costs less because you don’t have to feed your dog as much to get the same nutritional value.

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Choosing The Best food For Your Pitbull

One of the best foods you could go with is raw meat.  However, that gets pricey in a hurry.

If you still want to give your pitbull that extra edge, try mixing in some raw meat into its diet each week.  The more the better.

Bones from the local butcher house is another great idea, too.

However,  most of us need to rely on at least some dry dog food to supplement their diet.

When searching for the best dog food for pitbulls,  you want to make sure it will contain the highest-quality of protein, while still being affordable enough to support its voracious appetite, and without having too many “salts” (phosphorus and nitrates) often found in cheap, high-protein dog foods.

(Ideally, this Dog food would also support the Pitbull’s active lifestyle by providing nutrient critical healthy joints and optimal digestion. )

What Dog Foods fit these criteria? Check out our list below!

The Best Foods For Adult Pitbulls

#1 Pick - Orijen Dog Food

Not able to feed your dog raw food, but want the next best thing? Orijen is going to be your best answer.

While all of the other manufacturers are squabbling about what is the bare minimum requirements they should be meeting, Orijen has taken those minimum requirements, amped them up, and then blew the quality standards into the next solar system.


While their competition is trying to decide whether they should use organic meat or regular meat. Orijen raises their own free-range chickens, sends out fisherman for their own, fresh salmon literally packs the freshest, most wholesome meats they can into their dog food.

Not only are there ingredients top notch, the proportions are incredible.  You are looking at 80% protein in every bite — everything your growing pit needs for optimal muscle development.

There isn’t another dog food oversees their food quality from start to finish like Orijen does.

I realize the price may be stunning, but when you figure it that there is very little filler added to their food, you can calculate that your adult pitbull will only eat about 30 to 40 pounds a month.

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Pick # 2 - Taste Of The Wild Dog Food

If you have been shopping for dog food for more than 15 minutes you’ve heard, undoubtedly, of Blue Wilderness.

It’s a good dog food and I like it.  Especially their grain-free formulas.

However, for the same money, I really like Taste Of The Wild much better.

While they do not deliver the same freshness that origin does, they do maintain extremely high protein ratios by using concentrates of both meat and meal.

While a lot of dog food companies list to meet as their main ingredient, they tend to weigh that meet while wet, and by the time it is dried and mixed into dog food it does not have nearly the same concentration.  The most dog foods consist mainly of fillers like cornmeal.

However, but also using meat meal, dog food companies are able to increase the amount of protein include in their formula.

Few dog food companies list this as the main ingredient, which is what sets Taste Of The Wild apart from the rest.

In addition to the high amount of protein, this dog food also uses acidophilus and fermented solubles to help protect and improve your pit’s digestion abilities.

All considered, this is an excellent value for the money, it is a great way to make sure that your pit bull will be able to get the muscle it needs without breaking your pocketbook.

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Best Dog Food For Your Pitbull Puppy

It is so critical to make sure that your puppy gets that absolute best nutrition you can get it.

Right now is the time that will make or break your dog’s health.

You can’t skimp.

At the same time, that you need the food to be well balanced, easy to chew and within your price range.

The best food I can recommend, is The Blue Wilderness Grain Free Puppy Food.  It has absolutely everything you’re growing pit bull needs.  Stuff like DHA — an important fatty acid that is found in their mother’s milk.  The boned chicken, along with chicken and Turkey meal for high protein formula.

Frankly, it’s difficult to find a better blend of food and scores as highly in clinical tests.

Based on the diet of wild wolves, Blue Wilderness delivers the optimum formula for a hungry puppy.

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Best Dog Food For Helping Your Pitbull Gain Weight

The first thing that you must understand is that your dog’s body type is going to rely greatly on its genetics.

Forcing your dog to take on too much weight, can actually injure your dog.  If their joints are not able to handle the weight you can put them in a very precarious situation.

In addition, if you change their diet too dramatically, you can cause your dog to experience digestive distress and diarrhea.  This can actually cause them to lose more weight.

Finally, you not only what your dog to gain weight, you want them to be stronger and fitter.  Ideally, for involve exercise in them daily with walks, or plane had a dog park, to let them develop naturally.

There are three steps to helping your pitbull gain weight and become more fit.

Step # 1 – Choose A High Quality Dog Food

Orijen, Blue Wilderness, Wellness Grain Free and Taste of The Wild are all great choices that are high in protein and low in additives and fillers.

This means your pit gets more digestible nutrition with each bite.

Step # 2 – Supplement With A High Calorie Mix

For this I would probably go with Trophy Dyne.  Designed to help supplement malnourished dogs, it contains 50 calories for every ounce.

You can add this to your dog’s daily meal in order to help your dog get more calories more easily.

In addition, it also contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to help boost your dog’s immune system and improve their overall health.

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Step # 3 – Exercise

Now, it is easy to over exercise your dog, and actually cause them to lean out.  In fact, it is difficult to help an active dog gain weight.

However, by including some exercise in their routine, you can help them build a strong skeletal base for the muscle to cling to.  With the right diet, an active dog should develop a lean, muscular look.

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The Dog Food You Should Choose For A Pitbull With Skin Allergies

If your pitbull is suffering from skin allergies, it is difficult to say whether they are caused by its food, environment or weather.

There are expensive tests your doctor can run to help you identify what is the cause, but sometimes it can be figured out through trial and error.

In addition, sometimes mange or yeast infections can cause skin problems, too.

Putting your pet on a raw food diet, is excellent idea to help you eliminate possible allergens, since it gives you absolute control for what is going in their mouth.

However, if you feel like that is too expensive, and try Taste of the Wild’s exotic meats selection.

By choosing a unique meat — such as bison or salmon — you can help eliminate possible allergies caused from chicken and beef.  Also by choosing a grainfree food, you can make sure that your dog is not reacting to corn or soy.

Finally, make sure that the dog food you choose has a solid amount of omega-3 fatty acids in it.  These essential fatty acids do wonders for a dog’s coat and can help correct problems.

With all of this in mind, I recommend Taste of The Wild Salmon Dry Dog Food. It is super high in the omega-3 fatty acids and by using salmon and ocean meal, it helps skirt most known allergens.  It also uses fermented foods to help improve your dog’s digestive system to help it heal and process food better with fewer allergies (ideally).

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How To Convert Your Pitbull To A Raw Food Diet