The Best Foods For Pitbulls

Pitbulls are a hardy breed. They’ll “survive” on just about anything you throw at them.

But that’s not what you want.  You want your dog to thrive – and stay in top condition with beautiful, muscle-bound strength that speaks of boundless power.

Only the best will do.

The Problem With Most Dog Foods

Most dog foods today use corn, wheat, and potatoes as “fillers”.  Sure, they may list Chicken as the first ingredient, but by the time they dry, chop and mix that chicken in, it may only be 10% of the bags volume by weight.

(Weighing it wet and the mixing it in dry is a dirty trick).

What to Feed Your Pitbull

The dry foods presented here use whole meats to deliver a higher protein concentration. This may cost more, but deliver more nutritional value per gram weight.

One of the best foods you could go with is raw meat.  However, that gets pricey in a hurry. So supplement some raw meat alongside the diet when you can.

Bones from the local butcher house is another great idea (but be careful with cooked bones).

1. Orijen

Origen uses free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs. Protein levels are around 38%, and the food is grain-free.

The formula here (six fish) tends to be low-allergenic due to the novelty of fish-based proteins.

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2. Blue Wilderness

Blue Wilderness is grain-free and higher in protein than other dog foods. While a little pricey, its another high-quality feed.

This formula is chicken-free (which dogs don’t tolerate).

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3. Taste of the Wild

This food is more affordable than the previous, but still maintains high quality protein content.

This formula is lamb-based, and provides a good alternative to a raw food diet. Also free of wheat and corn-based fillers.

This dog food also uses acidophilus and fermented solubles to help protect and improve your pit’s digestion abilities.

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Best Food for a Pit Bull Puppy

Blue Wilderness

Start in the way you mean to carry on. Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain recipe has everything your growing pitbull needs. Free of low-nutrition fillers, and supplemented with the right fatty acids.

This formula has a mix of different protein sources high.

Frankly, it’s difficult to find a better blend of food and scores as highly in clinical tests.

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Helping a Pitbull Gain Weight

Forcing your dog to take on too much weight is not advised.  If their joints are not able to handle the weight you can put them in a very precarious situation.

You want your dog to be strong and healthy.  Daily exercise is extremely important (but don’t overdo it at the puppy stage).

Bully Max have developed a specific dry food for optimal weight gain.

Bully Max High Performance

No wheat, corn, or soy. 30% protein and 20% fat.
There are three steps to helping your pitbull gain weight and become more fit.

At around $50 for a 15-lb bag – this is not cheap, but is regarded as the best food for a growing pitbull.

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Now, it is easy to over exercise your dog, and actually cause them to lean out.  In fact, it is difficult to help an active dog gain weight.

Pitbulls With Skin Allergies

If your pitbull is suffering an allergy, it is difficult to say whether this is caused by food, environment or weather.

The following signs could indicate an allergy or intolerance:

  • Frequently scratching ears.
  • Often rolling and wriggling around trying to ‘itch’ their skin.
  • Unformed stools or diarrhea.

Be sure to talk to your vet as a first point of call.

Then explore different hypoallergenic foods (foods low in common allergens).

Many owners will try a raw food diet, which can help eliminate allergens, as you know exactly what is going in their mouth.

See how this owner prepares raw food for his dog.

A great dry food to start off with is Royal Canin Hydrolyzed food. The proteins have been partially fermented to help with digestion.