3 Best Dog Foods for Bulldogs in 2020

Best Dog Food For Bulldogs – Great Nutritional Options

Best Dog Food For Bulldogs

True dog lovers know that there are dogs, and then there are bulldogs.

Other breeds are nice, but high school and college sports programs aren’t naming themselves after collies and cocker spaniels.

Bulldogs are loyal, protective smart and affectionate. Therefore, they deserve the very best dog foods available. There are a variety of different brands and some are better suited for individual breeds. It’s important to understand a bulldog’s nutritional needs before you shop for food.

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Understanding Bulldog Health

Bulldogs have naturally loose skin which makes them look chunky. This skin also makes it difficult to determine if the dog is overweight.

Muscle mass shouldn’t be confused with fat, but the animal should detailed muscle tone — especially around the shoulders and back legs. The dog should also have a deep contour at the end of the rib cage.

The average weight for a male bulldog is 55-65 pounds. The ideal weight for a female is 45-55 lbs. Unfortunately, this scale can be difficult to use, because some dogs have larger bone structure than others.

If your dog’s belly is as wide as its chest, then he or she is probably too chubby.

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Avoid Diet Dog Foods

Most owners of chunky make the mistake of buying diet dog foods. Unfortunately, these foods are mostly composed of plant fiber. Eating the wrong food is probably the biggest contributor to the dog’s weight condition. While corn is free of fat, it contains high levels of fruit sugar. This sugar is typically turned into fat by the dog’s digestive system.

The same is true of wheat, which is another prime ingredient in diet some dog foods. However, even these dog foods are better for your four-legged friends than table food. Dogs are domesticated to the point that they’ll eat cheese, scrambled eggs, and even cereal.

Unfortunately, these foods aren’t appropriate for the dog’s predatory physiology.

Meat for the Predator

The best dog foods contain meat as the primary ingredient. If your dog is a little overweight, you should consider a chicken based dog food. Likewise, you can use a beef based food to put pounds on an undernourished dog.

Fortunately, bulldogs are rarely underweight so keeping them fit is about reducing their caloric intake. You can also make sure the dog gets plenty of exercises. The same dog food that’s good for overweight dogs is the same food for dogs of an ideal weight. Portion control and exercise are more important than feeding the god vegetables.

Royal Canin Medium Bulldogs

Royal Canin is one of the best-recognized dog food brands in the world. Their reputation is well-earned because they make specific foods for specific breeds. Their dry bulldog food is approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, and it’s specially formulated to reduce flatulence.

Gas is a common problem for Bulldogs, and Royal Canin is gentle on their stomachs. Unlike other dog brands, Royal Canin doesn’t use a one size fits all approach to manufacturing dog food.

Instead, they make their foods for each specific breed. The bulldog kibble promotes healthy joints to prevent inflammation. A bulldog’s unique physique puts extra stress on their leg joints, and Royal Canin can prevent future issues.

Unfortunately, most Royal Canin dog foods have rice as the main ingredient. In the bulldog recipe, chicken is actually the third ingredient behind two different kinds of rice.

There are a lot of reasons to feed Royal Canin to a bulldog, but the prominence of the rice is enough to make a lot of people think twice. The special blend is still ideal for healthier dogs, but it may not be right for heavy bulldogs.

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Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Hi Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison & Venison

Taste of the Wild isn’t as well-known as some of the competition, but their line of dog foods leaves little to be desired.

This is especially true of the Hi Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison & Venison, the ideal food for an overweight dog. Unlike Royal Canin Bulldog food, Hi Prairie is grain free to promote strong lean muscles.

In fact, the primary ingredient in this food is buffalo meat. Buffalo is naturally full of protein, containing less fat than beef or pork.

The second ingredient is lamb meal, which contains three times more protein than fresh lamb. This is why so many people prefer Hi Prairie because it’s full of ingredients that can benefit any dog’s diet.

It also contains egg product to promote a shiny healthy coat. For carbohydrates, Hi Prairie contains sweet potato.

This is a naturally gluten-free food source which is also rich in beta-carotene. Other ingredients include pea protein, (which contains no starch) canola oil and tomato pomace.

Hi Prairie doesn’t prevent gas like Royal Canin, but it causes less flatulence than many other brands of dog food. If Hi Prairie was available in stages, it would be the perfect dog food. Unfortunately, puppies and elderly dogs have different nutritional needs. Hi Prairie is one size fits all, but there’s no better food for dogs between 2-7 years old.

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Blue Buffalo Lamb & Rice

The ingredients in this food sound like something from a five-star restaurant. However, lamb is the main ingredient featured in this famous dog food.

Blue Buffalo actually makes 23 different types of dog food, four of which are specially formulated for puppies. The Lamb & Rice is definitely their best food for adult bulldogs addressing a number of different issues.

Why Choose Blue Buffalo

It seems to keep their coats shiny and reduce shedding. Most people also report a reduction in tear prints, regardless of the dogs breed. There is also a lack of animal by-products in all Blue Buffalo foods which prevents the dog from developing bad gas.

Exclusive to the Blue Buffalo brands are the Life Source Bits. This is a blend of vitamins and nutrients especially designed to benefit canines.

Overweight pooches can also enjoy this food because it contains no corn, wheat or soy. Blue Buffalo also contains healthy ingredients like flax seeds and chicory roots.

This is a food that was engineered by science over a period of years. There are a lot of different Blue Buffalo foods to choose from, but bulldogs (and all bully breed owners) should invest in Blue Buffalo. There’s no better food for a bulldog, and the dry kibble is easy for them to digest.

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