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Our Favorite Anti Bark Collars For Barking Control



best high fiber dog foodDogs will bark. You can’t completely control that.  However, endless nuisance barking can be controlled. And if the neighbors are complaining or if you are unable to sleep from your pet’s barking, it might be time to find a remedy.

Bark collars are not only an investment that helps keep your dog from running afoul your neighbors and local ordinances, it also trains them to be better-behaved.  A dog that is not constantly barking is going to be more willing to listen to your commands.

Before you invest in a bark collar, try eliminating the common causes of barking.  Is your dog getting enough exercise? Is it bored?  Sometimes all your dog needs is a trip to the dog park a few times a week.

As you shop, you will notice that there are several different types of bark collars.  Originally, shock collars were pretty popular. However, many people are rightly concerned about the effectiveness of constantly shocking their dog.  So Citronella collars and sonic collars also entered the market.

Citronella anti-bark collars work by issuing a tone to warn your dog as they begin their nuisance barking.  If that does not deter them, a blast of citronella spray is then issued to their face.

The downside with Citronella is that it lingers.  So after a while, a lot of dogs tend to just ignore the citronella and keep barking.

Ultrasonic anti-bark collars deliver a high-pitched sound that is mostly inaudible to humans but is upsetting to dogs.  Typically these collars will slowly rise in power and continue to increase noise until the dog stops barking.

For a lot of dogs, this is an effective alternative to the shock collar.

However, at the end of the day, shock collars are more effective than about any other option out there.

The Importance Of Progressive Intensity

Barking is normal. Excessive barking is not.  However, if you punish your dog everytime they bark, you can really confuse them.  Because of this, it’s important to get a collar that allows them a few barks, warns them with a tone, and then increases the punishment until they stop barking.

This helps teach them to stop barking more than necessary, and most owners find it only takes a couple of weeks to correct their dog’s barking problem.

The Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs

petsafe dog collar reviewFor this review, I have chosen the Petsafe Elite Little Bark Control Collar. There’s a lot I really like about this collar.  To begin with, it is super-light, so your small dog will easily adjust to wearing it.

It is a shock collar but uses a super small battery to help keep it smaller and lighter.

However small it may be, it is quite effective.  It starts off with a low setting and can escalate up 10 times in power to make sure that it can get the attention of even the most stubborn barker.

That said, it only gives a super-short zap.  The idea is not to hurt the dog but to quickly startle them and catch their attention.

There are only two downsides with this collar.  First of all, it does not have as much bark-detection sensors built in.  So the risk of your dog getting an accidental zap for a noise they did not make it higher.  However, the collar seems to be very accurate, and accidental zaps seem virtually non-existent.

So, it may be a non-issue, but it is a feature I wish it had.

The other drawback is that it only works on dogs up to 55 lbs.  Which is unfortunate since this collar is both lightweight and effective.

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The Best Bark Collar For Large Dogs – The SportDOG Rechargeable Review

sportDOG rechargeable collarThis is the absolute best bark collar on the market.  With 3 different training modes available, you can customize it to the training your dog needs.

Plus, it has a ton of safety features.  It needs to both “hear” the barking and “feel” the vibration before it administers a correction. Plus, with its 10 levels of correction, it will have the stamina to curb the most persistent barking.

That said, it also has an automatic shut-off so that if your dog barks for longer than 50 seconds, it stops trying to correct.  After all, you want to train your dog, not abuse them.

This collar works on both small dogs and big dogs alike.  For the best all-around bark stopping collar, this one takes the blue ribbon.

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The Best Cheap Dog Bark Collar

dogtek electronic bark collar review cheapTrying to stop your dog’s barking habit before you get a notice from your municipality that you are violating their noise ordinance?  You want to avoid fees and court costs, but most bark collars are simply too expensive.

I’d like to introduce the Dogtek bark collar. It’s clumsy and uncomfortable but is has enough protective features to keep it from being a danger to your dog.

You get 3 adjustable modes so you can customize the training, and it precedes the shock with warning beeps to help train your dog to stop barking before it has to shock.

Waterproof. Effective.  It’ll get the job done and not break the bank.

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Remember, the end goal is to train your dog not to bark so that you can take the bark collar off.  Hopefully, this creates a more balanced pet, who only barks when it is truly necessary

Wait! Where Are Your Reviews Of Citronella And Sonic Bark Collars??

Over time I’ve gotten more feedback that these collars are only somewhat effective.  They have a pretty big hit-and-miss ratio and I don’t want to recommend a product that may or may not work.

No reason to use our pets as a “testing lab” when so many other goods, working solutions are out there.

Bark Collar In Action

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