3 Best Chew Toys for Puppies in 2020

Chew Toys for Puppies – Fun Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy

Choosing a Chew Toy For Your Puppy

There are many reasons for investing in a good chew toy for your puppy. Puppies are chewers by nature and chewing is an activity that is very important to the dental and mental development of your dog.

Providing your dog with a good, safe chew toy allows them the chance to keep their teeth clean and healthy as well as exercising their jaw muscles and keeping their mind occupied. And let’s be honest, when it comes to owning an energetic and fun loving pup, keeping them occupied and happy for extended periods of time is not always an easy task.

A good chew toy can also be a wonderful aid in preventing behavioral problems and early training on proper mouthing and biting etiquette. Introducing an attractive chew toy at a very early on can also potentially save many households and personal items from ultimate destruction.

There are many factors to take into account when searching for just the right chew toy for your pup. Temperament and personal preference will most certainly come into play and some pups will prove to be quite picky about which toys they will invest a lot of time and energy into.

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Finding the right toy can end up being an extensive, exhausting and frustrating exercise for pet owners who spend hours researching the best toy options available, only to have their pup show little to no interest in what they bring home.

Aside from the attractiveness of a toy, the safety factor should be one of the biggest deciding factors in choosing a chew for your pet. Unfortunately, nearly everything that goes into your dog’s mouth can, at some point, become potentially dangerous or harmful. If your pup happens to be a particularly avid and aggressive chewer with a crazy strong jaw, even sturdy toys might be easily broken down into smaller pieces that then pose a choking risk.

Even if the chunk does make it safely past the throat it can randomly become a blockage at any point during its travel through the stomach and intestines and become potentially fatal. Blockages like these often times call for emergency surgery to save a dog’s life.

On the other hand, if the chew toy is too hard or a less than ideal shape for your particular pup, breaking a tooth or damaging the gums becomes a concern. If the toy has sharp corners or edges that result in injuries in the mouth, these injuries can possibly become infected and lead to more serious issues. Allergic reactions to ingredients are even possible, making it important to be sure that whatever chew you choose is made from safe and healthy materials.

According to popular dog behavioralist Cesar Millan, there are several important factors to keep in mind while attempting to choose a toy that will hold your pup’s interest:

Pups tend to view their toys similarly to the way wolves view prey. In this light, it’s easy to see how and why dogs are drawn towards objects that are noisy, can be easily torn up or that have a tasty flavor to them.

Pups tend to lose interest in toys once they become too familiar with them. Because they are drawn to new and unfamiliar things, it might be a good idea to have several different chew toys on hand to trade out when your pups interest in one begins to wane.

Pups tend to prefer toys that can be easily manipulated (in other words, torn apart or chewed into) and that make noise. If it doesn’t squeak when bitten or if it’s too hard to chew on, it would seem that there is not a lot of points.

Pups love human interaction. A toy suddenly becomes much more interesting when you are willing to participate in a game of tug of war or fetch. Remember that dogs are social creatures and investing a bit of your time to play with them each day can go a lot way towards keeping your pup emotionally satisfied. Not to mention a good round of fetch also encourages plenty of peaceful downtimes while your pup catches up on much-needed rest after their romp.

Don’t forget that whatever chew toy you happen to choose, always be mindful of how your pup is doing while they play with it. Monitor them to help minimize the chances of them consuming a small piece and watch closely for any signs that they might have ingested anything that they shouldn’t have.

Below are several chew toys that are recommendable.

Kong Puppy Toy

Kong chews toys are highly rated by consumers and recommended by experts, vets, and trainers worldwide.

Chews like this one are designed to be stuffed with treats and snacks to provide extended lengths of playtime and an added level of interest for your pup.

Kong chew toys are made with an exclusive rubber formula designed specifically for teething pups.

It is recommended that Kong toys are great for aiding in crate training and for helping to decrease separation anxiety. The unique shape also delivers a wild and unpredictable bounce pattern that is sure to add excitement and energy into your games of fetch.

Pet owners report that both they and their pets are highly satisfied with Kong Chew Toys.

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Nylabone Just For Puppies Ring Bone Teething Chew Toy

This bright and colorful chew toy cleans teeth and prevents tartar buildup through the bristles that are raised while your puppy chews. It is designed to stand up to aggressive chewers, especially during their teething phase.

This chew toy provides a nice variety of colors and textures that are sure to keep your pup entertained and interested.

It comes highly recommended by consumers on Amazon.

Reviewers report that their pups thoroughly enjoyed playing with this fun, attractive toy and that it holds up well to rough play.

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Nylabone Puppy Chew

The nice soft material that this toy is made from is designed specifically with teething pups in mind.

While your pup chews they will experience a pleasant and healthy dental care experience as the soft dental nubs clean their teeth and help to prevent tartar and plaque build up.

These chews are soft and are really best for smaller breeds of pups that are not going to be chewing excessively hard.

A large pup with powerful jaws might be more capable of chewing these to pieces and running the risk of choking on the chunks.

Reserve these chews for smaller, gentler breeds for the best results.

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