Best Automatic Dog Watering Systems

Best Automatic Dog Watering Systems

Best dog watering systems - Dogsbynina

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All living beings require water; living cells consist primarily of water and water is used in most bodily functions. Water allows for the flow and absorption of nutrients. Water allows your pooch to maintain a cool temperature. And water lubricates your pooches’ joints. Ensuring that your dog has enough water is one of the most important ways to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy.

Water is one of the more easily neglected needs of a dog. As moisture is constantly lost from any living body, your dog will need to drink often to replenish his water supply.

Clean, clear water, therefore, needs to be provided at all times. Failing this, your dog may become dehydrated. If you’re traveling with your pet, make sure to bring a water bowl and enough water with you. The best dog waterers make keeping your pooch hydrated a simple task.

Some dogs may be picky about their water, and keeping the water supply clean can be a challenge. One way to help your dog drink more water is to have a water source that flows.

Flowing water signals to animals a fresh supply of water, since naturally, flowing water is fresh and standing pools are stagnant. If your water supply is moving, your pet will be attracted to it.

You can check for dehydration in your dog easily in two places. The first is in their mouth: dry or pale gums indicate dehydration. You can also gently pull up a flap of loose skin, usually over the shoulder. If, on releasing it, the skin flaps returns to its original position, your dog is fine. If the skin flap stays pulled up or moves back slowly, there may be cause for concern. A dehydrated dog will be a sickly-looking dog.

You also need to take heed to the cleanliness of the bowl. Germs can congregate on your pet’s water bowl. This is especially true if the water bowl is too small.

Make sure the water bowl you pick is a little oversized and that you clean it often. If you notice a film on the bowl, it’s already filthy. A dirty water bowl means disease so keeping the bowl clean is as important as providing clean water.

Best Dog Waterers Reviews

Here are three of the best dog waterers on the market which you may consider to help keep your pooch well-watered:

CleanFlow Water Filter with reservoir by K&H Manufacturing

k&H CleanFlow Dog water Filtration System with Reservoir

This bowl has a water jug and a charcoal filter and comes in several sizes. If you have a larger dog or multiple pets, you would want to get a larger size. The bowl and water jug are made out of plastic.

It’s not recommended for outside use: heat can warp the plastic. The bowl is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The CleanFlow filters water over a hundred times an hour and keeps it moving to attract your pooch to drink. It is recommended to change the filter about once a month.

The best features are that the bowl simulates flowing water by a whirlpool effect with a mechanism at the front of the bowl. Moving water attracts animals; your dog will be encouraged to drink more.

The constant filtering keeps it clean, so even picky drinkers will want to drink from it. Many pet owners who use this bowl report that their pets enjoy watching the motion of the water as well. The water jug features a two-cap system that makes replacing it easy and leak-free.

If you use this bowl, you have to remember to change the filter once a month. If the filter isn’t changed often enough, it acts as a dam; the water will overflow. Just make sure to pick up a pack of extra filters when you buy the bowl. There are also some reports of the pump breaking within six months of use.

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Flow Automatic waterer by H2O Animal Hydration

Flow Automatic waterer by H2O Animal Hydration

This bowl is made of stainless steel and is perfect for use outside. A constant flow of water comes by attaching any garden hose to the bowl.

A gasket to prevent leaks when attaching the hose may be necessary. The bowl itself is quite large. For the size, quality, and water flow involved with this bowl, it’s the of the best dog waterers cost-wise.

It also makes use of flowing water and it’s perfect for use outdoors. You will not need to keep an eye on the water level; the hose will constantly refill it so you can be certain your dog has enough water.

However, it’s not as good for indoor use because it needs a hose. You can always fill it manually if you want to use it inside.

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Automatic Pet Water Fountain With Charcoal Filters

Automatic Pet Water Fountain With Charcoal Filters

This is another water bowl that provides a filter; however, this fountain uses a two-step filter process.

This two-tiered water bowl acts as a fountain as well. A small waterfall keeps water moving from the top basin into the lower basin. This bowl is not dishwasher-safe but it’s also not too hard to clean.

It is not recommended for outside use as sunlight and weather is likely to cause damage.

I personally would recommend this fountain for inside. I find it more attractive with the waterfall than the CleanFlow. This fountain’s reservoir holds up to a gallon of water.

If you need to use it outside, make sure it stays in a shaded area with some shelter from the weather, perhaps on a deck if you have one.

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So Which One Would I Use?

The CleanFlow and Kurma’s water fountain are semi-similar products in appealing features. They both filter the water, they both keep the water moving. Neither one is good for the outdoors.

Both would require an upkeep of filter changes. Both of them have a power cord that must be plugged in. Both are leak-free to re-fill. The prices between the medium-size CleanFlow (which holds about a gallon and a half) and Kurma’s fountain are comparable. Both are easy to clean. Both come with a warranty. Both are among the best dog waterers.

The CleanFlow moves water with a whirlpool effect; Kurma’s water fountain uses a waterfall effect. The CleanFlow uses a charcoal filter that should be changed monthly; Kurma’s fountain uses a brand two-step filter that should be changed bi-monthly.

The CleanFlow holds between 80 ounces and 2 gallons, depending on the size; Kurma’s fountain holds one gallon. The CleanFlow’s bowl is dishwasher safe; Kurma’s fountain is not.

If you are trying to decide which of these two are the best dog waterers, consider if you need to get a larger bowl. The CleanFlow is typically larger in bowl size than Kurma’s fountain and offers larger sizes. However, if your dog is of the smaller variety, it comes to preference.

I prefer the waterfall effect. Washing the fountain by hand is none too difficult and allows a higher amount of quality control. Additionally, some pet owners reported that, at least initially, the whirlpool effect of the CleanFlow frightened their pets.

Which would be the best dog waterers for your household will be a matter of preference for what works for your family. No matter what you choose, your pooch will be happiest hydrated.

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