10 Of The Coolest Bandanas For The Hipster Dog In Your Life

Like dressing your dog in a bandana now and then? You’re not the only one.

A recent survey showed that 60% of millennials said they are likely to “buy sweaters, coats, dresses and other fashion for their pet”. Maybe you (and your dog) are not quite ready for a sweater or coat, but a bandana might just be the thing.

A great place to find Bandanas is on Etsy – where everything is handmade, or homemade, or generally quite unique (compared to big box retailers). It’s also a great way to support makers and home-based entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the best.

1. Winston’s Donuts

This handsome fellow is Winston, of @winstontheenglishsetter fame. He’s modelling a donut bandana from his mom’s Etsy shop.

This is available from IvyJaneBandanas.

See the full shop (scrunchies + bandanas).

2. I Only Love My Bed and My Mama

Available from DogMamaShirtShop.

See the full shop (t-shirts + bandanas)

3. The Farts Are Strong With This One

No dog owner is immune to the silent but deadly dog fart… Mix that with some Star Wars humor and you’ve got a winner.

Available from SurelyUCantBSirius.

See the full shop (t-shirts + bandanas)

4. Obedience School Dropout

Hands up who has one of those? We do. Our dog Griffin dropped out of his puppy training class. It was a huge outside class with too many dogs barking… and Griffin simply couldn’t concentrate on the work at hand.

You can get this bandana from BigBadWoofBoutique.

See the full shop here.

5. The Bandana is Tiny But… The Cuteness…

What do you do with a tiny cute dog? Get him a tiny cute bandana of course!

This little pup is modelling a Bedtime Carebear bandana from Zukiestyle.

See the full shop.

6. For The Hipster Dogs Among You

Don’t want to be like all the rest? Check out this amazing knitted scarf bandana thing.

You can get it from JackiBean.

See the full shop.

7. The Bow-tie + Bandana Combo

You can tell by the smugness on this dogs face: It thinks its on the cover of Vogue.

This hybrid bow tie and bandana is for the socially adventurous dog in your life…

Available from LoveHachiDesigns.

See the full shop.

8. One for the Harry Potter Fans

“I do solemnly swear I’m up to no good” is the password for the Marauder’s Map. If you’ve no idea who or what a Harry Potter is, this one will fly over your head.

For fans it’s perfect neckwear for the cheeky Golden Retriever in your life.

Also from BigBadWoofBoutique.

9. They Aren’t Farts. They Are Love Clouds To Keep You Warm

If you are a dog owner, it helps to have a relaxed attitude about the farting situation. I know it’s the second one of its kind in this list… but… well… too bad.

Get it from HenrysHooligans.

See the full shop here.

10. Chillies. Tassles. Handmade in Paris

Looking for something unique? This is it. Embellished with buttons and tassels and handmade in Paris. What more could your hipster dog want.

Available from ChicaChicTheShop.

See the full shop for other interesting handmade bandanas.