5 Types of Toys Your Beagle Will Appreciate

Having a pet is one of the best things in the world. If you decided to buy or adopt a beagle then congratulations are in order. However, do keep in mind that this is a hyper pup. This means you will have to be very careful with your shoes and your furniture because they tend to chew anything they see. If you already have this problem, then it is high time you purchased some special toys.

In this article you will find 5 types of toys your beagle will love. However, if you want more toys, see here what do beagles like to play with in order to be prepared when you go shopping. In the linked article you will find a lot of options for your little puppy to convince it to stop chewing your favorite pair of shoes. Now, let’s see some interesting toy options for your dog.

1.   Teething Toys for Puppies

Image source: American Kennel Club

Small puppies need chewing toys, especially when they are teething. Just like babies, Beagle puppies need to sink their forming teeth into something soft, yet sturdy. They feel intense itching and discomfort during this time, so, if you don’t want to see pieces of your furniture being destroyed by the newest family member, you should invest in some toys like chewing bones, tires, and activity balls. Look for items made out of a soft but durable material which helps alleviate the itching teeth of your pup.

It is recommended to choose toys that have different textures, so your Beagle can decide for itself which texture calms the pain and itching. Also, you can purchase two or three toys which have different sizes and shapes. This way, your puppy can play with them at different times according to the type of discomfort it feels.

2.   Toys That Keep It Busy

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We can’t always be with our pets at all times. This it’s best to find something to keep them busy with when they remain alone at home. The best toys for this occasion are made out of non-toxic rubber and those that release treats. This way, the dog will enjoy a snack in a fun, time-consuming way. The more challenging and difficult it is, the better.

However, you can also choose a squeaky ball or bone made from non-toxic rubber. The only downside being the sound they make – it is going to drive you insane after a while, so it is better to let your pup use it only when you leave the house.

3.   Toys for Strong Chewers

Image source: PetMD

As we previously mentioned, Beagles are hyper pups. However, when they grow, they get stronger and stronger. This means that they will start to rip apart all of their teething toys because of their strength. Now that your Beagle is all grown up, it needs new, more solid playthings so it won’t be able to break them.

We recommend extreme bone or tires made out of sturdy non-toxic rubber. Search for toys with the label “indestructible”. That way you don’t have to worry about replacing them every month.

4.   Companion Toys

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Just like us, dogs need companionship. If you only have one pup, it is going to require a lot of attention and care from you. However, you won’t be able to provide it 24/7. This is where a companion toy comes in. Nowadays, you can find a lot of puppy-like toys that look like a Beagle, giving your newest family member a brother or sister to keep it occupied.

If you can’t find anything to your liking, a sturdy, fluffy toy is the perfect option. However, look for one that it is non-toxic and bite-proof because, from time to time, your Beagle might enjoy sticking its teeth into its friend.

5.   Owner and Dog Bonding Toys

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Some of the most important toys for a Beagle are the ones that help you bond with your puppy. Look for a toy you can use to play fetch. The model can be both simple or intricate, the only thing that really matters is the material, as it needs to pass the test of time and sharp teeth. Rubber is the best choice here because it is also water resistant. Bonding with your dog is crucial, especially during the first months together so try and spend as much time as possible with your new furry companion.

These are some of the best toys for a Beagle. Remember to look for resilient toys because they are a very energetic breed which requires a lot of attention.